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Mar 24, 2010 02:37 AM

J.C.'s Barbecue--new in MPLS

Has anyone been to this bbq joint? I drove past it a week ago on Broadway ave.
It was formerly Harold's chicken shack. I didn't mind Harold's---not great, not bad.

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    1. re: doctor k

      This is the address I got off the web, didn't see a web address though.

      (612) 522-1114
      2117 W Broadway Ave
      Minneapolis, MN

      1. re: doctor k

        just had some a bit ago, thought it was pretty good. prices have gone up a smidge since that first menu above but still, $11 for a 1/2 slab and that tasty 'hot link' was WELL worth it for me.

      2. just came back fro JC's for lunch....had large order of rib tips, outstanding! smokey, moist, yummY! the fries look and taste freshly made and the coleslaw didn't taste like supermarket stuff most definitlly great! really filled me up and as you can see by the picture, it was worthy! The owners are great people. go there and tell them your a chow hound, they'd love to hear it.....ask them the menu of the Sunday Brunch...mouthwatering stuff! GO THERE>>>>>NOW!

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        1. re: buenosds

          Wow. Nice report and thanks for the pics. Is the chicken on the menu fried or bbq'd?

          1. re: buenosds

            The before and after pictures are great!

          2. Friday night take out.
            Good ribs. meaty. saucy. falls off the bone. very little fat. Nice flavor in the sauce.
            fries were not hot when they got home, and were laced with bbq sauce, which made them pretty tasty. Small container of cole slaw that definately tasted made rather than bought, with a tinge of onion, small pieces of cabbage.

            Definate thumbs up, with plans to return.

            1. Finally made a trip. I ordered the small rib tips. The meat was juicy and soft. The sauce was mild and sweet. The fries were great and the coleslaw is very unique--not too creamy. Definitely a good alternative to my standard Ted cook's.
              I'm looking forward to their fried chicken on sundays. Last week it was turkey & pork chops.
              Thumbs up to JC's.

              And I found out for myself that the chicken on the menu is bbq'd--not fried.

              1. Ditto -- outstanding first impression. It was easily worth the drive across the city for lunch.

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                1. re: MSPD

                  Just to expand -- I still haven't been enough times (three so far) to qualify as an expert on this place, but last night I stopped for ribs and these were easily the best ribs I've had in MSP in recent memory and one of very few BBQ items that even had me mentally comparing to ribs in KC and parts SE. The smoke is there, the texture is there and the flavor is balanced.

                  I've also had the rib tips twice -- once, they were outstanding, the second time, they were good but not great. Part of the problem on the second trip was that they sauce had a heavier molasses flavor. The silver lining though is that it implies that they make their own sauce (only one is offered). I also really liked the pork hot link and last night they had a sweet potato pie that was devoured without any reservation.

                  I also like that there are no pretenses there at all -- you walk in and there's an ordering window and benches to wait. Bare white walls and no kitchy decor. BBQ preferences vary so widely I hate to say it, but based on my personal preferences, JC's competes (with Ted Cook's IMO) for the best BBQ in MSP.

                  1. re: MSPD

                    Do me a favor and check out this place:

                    I just want to know how it compares to JC's. I'm looking forward to tasting this pastor's bbq--I haven't tried it yet.

                    1. re: alpa chino

                      I first posted about Pastor Hamilton's on here almost 6 years ago, although it has been some time since I've stopped in, so I can't make a valid side-by-side comparison. Here's the link:


                      You can set your search on here to go to all Midwest boards/all years and see several threads on Pastor Hamilton's, many of which include my opinions.

                      A couple things JC's has over almost every other BBQ place in MSP, including Pastor Hamilton's -- outstanding french fries (not that I go to BBQ places for fries) and lower prices. A half rack of ribs, a hot link the size of a bratwurst, a mountain of fries, a tiny little thimble of cole slaw and a slice of sweet potato pie set me back all of $13 which is less than most places charge just for the half-rack itself.

                      1. re: MSPD

                        Had the pork link tonight and i *really* liked it. For me, just a tad spicy but not overly so. Easy enough to bite through the skin, but some resistance.

                        Also tried the chicken...dark meat. Very Very good. tender. meaty. saucy.

                        Fries were good. some were soggy from sauce, but no soggy greasy.