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Looking for budget friendly restaurant near Joe Louis Arena

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I was wondering if anybody knows of a budget friendly place to eat near the Joe. Something not too ethnic b/c my husband is a very picky eater. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated = )

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  1. Depending on the time you need it, if you can hit Roast during Cocktail Hour (M-F 4:30PM-6:30PM), you can try their fare *dirt cheap*, and I can guarantee you that your husband will be happy, as will you. He can have a great burger with bacon, cheese, and egg, along with fries and a beer, and you can try the wonderful stuffed peppers or beast of the day tacos, or something like that. Believe it or not, during Cocktail Hour, Roast is one of the most affordable places near that area. You *must* get seating at the bar, and it's usually crowded, but it's a great time. I've done it several times with and without other people joining me. Never been disappointed.

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      Actually looking to go sometime in the afternoon. Around 3 or so. Going to a Wings game around 7:30. Definitely will keep this place in mind for another occasion = )

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        BTW, I went to Roast recently for a beer tasting and ate at the bar outside of Happy Hour. It still isn't excessively expensive considering the quality of the food. That place serves one superb burger, and it was something like $12.95 with their rosemary shoestring fries. Bar doesn't open until 4, though.

      2. How picky is he--would he be willing to hop the People Mover and eat in Greektown? There's food other than Greek in that area.

        Your profile says "alabama"--are you a Detroit expat or totally new to the Motor?

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          Michigan born and bred. Lived in Alabama for a year but moved back up here b/c of lack of jobs down there. Just haven't updated my profile lol. He's pretty picky. Basically burgers and fries = )

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            You moved HERE because of a lack of jobs down there? Yikes...

            Welcome back in any case!

            Sounds like a bar or deli will fit the bill, but I love taking the People Mover when there's something going on downtown....makes it feel like a real city.

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              Yeah well where I was living it was pretty racist. Being non-white really didn't help matters lol. We ended up going to Hockeytown Cafe. Husband refused to eat anywhere else. Blech didn't care for it. Food was bland and overpriced. Will def put my foot down next time and go somewhere else = )

              2301 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

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                Oh, no...really? You went *there*? You have my sympathies, sweetie. Your hubbie owes you two, now. He certainly forfeits his next two "We need to go *here*!" blurt-outs. That was, indeed, a pretty poor choice, especially since I've *been* to Roast before a Wings game this year for Cocktail Hour, and it was nothing shy of great. Your husband would have loved it, too.

                He bought into the hype...and you both lost. So sorry.

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                  Yes he def owes me lol. Service was poor and the food was eh. After the meal I felt a bit nauseous. I will def hit Roast the next time I'm in town.

        2. I will go with Mudgie's Deli on this one. Affordable, Great Soups, Great Sandwiches, Great service and easy to get in and out of.



          1300 Porter St, Detroit, MI 48226

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            Mudgie's is great. Enormous deli sandwiches. A bit of a hike from JLA, but you could drive and park on the street. For *really* budget food, you would be within walking distance of the two famous coney dog places, Lafayette and American, at Michigan and Griswold. If you want drinks, I always enjoy downtown's bars. Nothing fancy, but often friendly and solid. Sweet Water Tavern at Congress and Brush has good wings. Checker Bar has decent burgers. Foran's Irish Pub (not particularly Irish really) has basic bar food in a terrific old building. If you're driving, in midafternoon I would consider Slows BBQ on Michigan. It is (surprise!) slow, but at 3 you'd be fine.

            Foran's Irish Pub
            612 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

            1300 Porter St, Detroit, MI 48226