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Mar 23, 2010 10:23 PM

Best place to buy trotters (pig's feet) in toronto?

Found this recipe on Chow and really want to try it this weekend. Anyone bought pig's feet downtown lately and been happy with the quality? I have seen them in the sketchy butcher on the north side of Baldwin in Kensington but the place stinks like cigarettes etc.

Anywhere in St. Lawrence carry them regularly?


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  1. DOn't know about SLM...but T&T definitely has them.

    1. One of the kiosks at St. Lawrence north market (Saturdays only) seems to carry them regularly - I think they're located at the south-east corner of the building. The quality was pretty solid, although I had to give the trotters a good scrubbing and a shave (especially between the toes).

      Some of the meat vendors at the various markets around town will also bring you some at respectable prices if you order in advance (e.g. the KEG stall at Green Barns market at Wychwood).

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      1. re: NegativeSleep

        Does that happen to be the kiosk operated by Mennonites from St. Jacobs? Because if that is the case, they would the ones who tend to have better farming practices for their meat, i.e. using less (or no) chemicals, pesticides etc.

        1. re: tarteaucitron

          From what I could gather from the St. Lawrence market website, they're called Town and Country Farms from Halton Hills. I couldn't find any more information about them online; maybe someone else will have more luck. Doesn't seem to be the same ones you're talking about (certainly not from the St. Jacobs area).

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            I believe the new butcher shop in Kensington, the name of which escapes me right now, carries them as well.

            1. re: jamesm

              Sanagans. Give him a call and I'm sure he'll hook you up with some quality trotter!!

      2. Which recipe? I've got a few in the freezer.

        Fiesta Farms often has them, along with other pig parts.

        Fiesta Farms
        200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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        1. re: mikeb

          Thanks for all the advice. Great call on T&T...prob the easiest for me.

          Sorry, meant to include the link the first time but forgot...

          Carpaccio of Pig's Feet, Celery, and Black Truffles Recipe

          I think I'll skip the truffle oil in the vinaigrette though. Don't know why anyone would pollute fresh truffles with synthetic truffle oil???

          1. re: downtownfoodie

            T&T had them and they were great quality. Not too fatty and very well cleaned (and shaved).

            Highly recommend the recipe (substituted fresh truffle for truffle oil and baby greens for the celery etc). Oh and I served it without warming it up...texture was better.

            Thanks again for the help

            1. re: downtownfoodie

              fiesta farms on christie between bloor and dupont...nice fresh feet

        2. Apart from numerous Asian places in the East End, Rami's has them. (Used to be Nasr)

          Edit: I changed the name of the shop, but it still appears here under it's old name.

          1996 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA