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Mar 23, 2010 09:30 PM

Menus are up for Detroit Restaurant Week

I checked just now and every participating restaurant has their menus up. Some look very good, others look rather pensive and boring. Never in my life have I seen cheese so prominently on every menu possible, from the apps to the entrees to the desserts.

Anyway, it's funny because my preferred restaurants last time around appear to be distant seconds this time around, with the possible exception of Iridescence.

Check things out at and click on restaurants at the top of the page, then click on each individual restaurant's name to be taken to their page with the DRW menu on it. As I said: some look far better than others.

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  1. I also noticed a lot of spring peas on the menus. Last time, if I can remember, it was salmon and short ribs everywhere. Overall, I think the menus look a little better this time and I will be trying some different places from the last Restaurant Week.

    Check out She will be giving previews of some of the restaurant week menu's each week leading up to April 16th. So far she has covered Mosaic, and it looks pretty good.

    Where will you be heading this time?

    1. First time I've heard about such a thing. Guess I should check the local TV news or newspapers, periodically. What was it like last year? Crowded? Food pre-cooked in bulk? Or, is this a nice little opportunity, during which I won't feel like cattle? The Whitney looked interesting to me.

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        VTB, I *really* loved my time at Iridescence last year. Top-notch all the way. Sure, it was crowded (make reservations), but it only added to the vibe. Do make sure you try something new. Lots o' fun.