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gluten free substitution for bulgar

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I am planning on making a turkish bulgar salad but want to substitute a gluten free grain - do you think it would be better with quinoa or gluten free brown rice couscous?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. I regularly use quinoa in place of bulgar (except in tabouli). It works fine.

    1. I like millet as a sub. Many people don't notice the difference, although there clearly is a difference.

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        quinoa & millet are both good options.

        teff is another one, and it provides an earthier, nuttier aspect that's a bit closer to the flavor of bulgur.

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          I'd go for millet first too. Quinoa is a little more aggressively present, to my taste. Hmmm, I like GHG's idea for teff. I use teff flour all the time, but I haven't cooked the grain whole yet!

        2. +1 for millet. I've seen Turkish salads here in Berlin made with it, too. I think it will retain the "bite" you're looking for.

          1. thanks for the help all - i'll look for the millet or teff!