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Mar 23, 2010 07:16 PM

rome airport treats

Hello, CHers: I am a long time reader but this is my 1st post.
Am going to Rome And Umbria for the first time. Buying bubble wrap to bring back glass bottles of oil, honey, wine, etc.
However, I was thinking: does DaVinci airport have any good gourmet shops? I was thinking I could cut down on some shopping if they have good stuff already wrapped for traveling (and obvious advantage of being able to keep w/ my carry-ons). Thanks for any help you could provide.

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  1. The only food related items I've ever purchased at FCO: Amedei chocolates (the duty-free shop has chips/feves, not just bars) and San Crispino's gelato (though obviously not to carry home). The foodstuffs shop in the international departures area isn't what I'd call "gourmet", though it does have standard things like Perugina chocolates and Lazzaroni cookies in decorative tins. Please know that you'll have to check all liquids once you arrive in the US, even those purchased at the airport and/or on the if you have a connection on the way home, leave room in your checked luggage to accomodate additional liquids purchased along the way.

    1. there is some stuff in the shops in the departure lounges. but its neither special nor cheap. I never see anything I want there. Also, dont count on having a long time to browse - security can take a while. I would buy some nice stuff where you are visiting and pack in my checked luggage to avoid any issues - at least thats what we do.

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        Terminal C,the departure terminal for international flights has a so called"Gourmet Shop"near gate G22,that is horribly overpriced and lacking a selection of anything interesting as referenced above.The prices reflect"Got ya"because there are no alternatives as you are about to exit the country.The duty free wine prices are not bad but higher than within the country.You would do much better to make the time to shop for the many excellent products available in Rome and Umbria and securing them in luggage you may be checking.If time is a concern you could do one stop shopping at Volpetti in Testaccio or Castroni in Prati and near the Vatican.

      2. Last time i checked the Bleve family (of la bottega del vino and casa bleve) run a place called Wine Bar in Terminal C. They have decent food and the best selection of wine in the airport.

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          Any idea where in Terminal C?I'm there monthly and have never seen Wine Bar.Perhaps it's in the area before you take the air train to the gates.The overpriced store I'm not a fan of is Canestro.

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            The only Wine Bar I know in Terminal C (before the air train) is the Frescobaldi Wine Bar. I always assumed it was owned and operated by Frescobaldi.

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              While we're on the topic of FCO, I was disappointed to see that the Tazza d'Oro coffee bar was gone, replaced by a generic coffee spot.

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                As was I....Always my last stop before jumping onboard.

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                  Yes it is frescobaldi wine bar but, as far as i know, it is run by the bleve family (at least it was a few years back) and the food is the same as you find at bottega del vino's buffet in the ghetto. the frescobaldi wine bar only has a big sign that says "WINE BAR" above the entrance. it is in the part of terminal c where the shops are concentrated, between passport control and the tax refund office (on the right if walking from passport control)

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                    Thank you! I've been taking the trenino too soon. It's a vast wasteland out there (Canestro, yuck; that multifunction cafeteria place, yuck). Next time I'll go directly to the wine bar and take the trenino afterwards.

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                  Nooo! What a pity! Last year was my first trip to Italy, and the Tazza d'Oro in the airport was a delicious last memory to take with me on the plane trip home.

          2. May I suggest gallon-sized ziplock freezer bags (the ones with an inner liner) rather than (or in addition to) bubble wrap? Leakage is really a bigger issue than breakage (things can leak without breaking, but can't break without leaking!), and a plastic bag will contain the mess much better than trying to make leak-proof seals on your bubble wrap. Plus, the bags are a lot less bulky.

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            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              I usually bring both ziplocks, a couple of sheets of bubblewrap and an extra nylon suitecase to transfer non-breakable items into - rolling bagged bottles in dirty clothes works as well as any other method for packing bottles and jars.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Exactly. You don't really need bubble wrap, since you can use your clothes for padding. But you do need something to contain any leaks, or breakage should it occur. A suitcase full of honey or olive oil (or pickle brine when returning from NY) is the last thing you want! Ziplock bags are also useful for wet bathing suits, etc.