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Mar 23, 2010 06:33 PM

Old Ash Creek/The Reef?

Does anyone know what is going in the old Ash Creek Saloon (Fairfield/Black Rock border). It was the The Reef for a year or so, but has been closed for some time. Living in the area, I have noticed that they painted the brick back to a maroon color. I have always thought that building would be great for a steak house. What's to come?

Ash Creek Saloon
2895 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06605

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  1. Not sure as to what is going in there exactly, but it appears as if they're taking out a good chunk of the front of the building for outdoor seating. Fantastic idea, if I do say so myself. Great spot for outdoor eating.

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    1. re: fcmenutalk

      After driving by again yesterday, I'm not so sure it is outdoor seating. There is still a wall up, unless they are putting up a sort of false wall prior to putting in glass. I'm so interested to find out what will be going in there! The area needs more outdoor seating that is for sure.

      1. re: lvtocook888

        Ok, went by again...There is a sign out there that says Vinny's. Has anyone gotten a chance to read it?

        1. re: lvtocook888

          Stopped by there on the way home tonight. The signs say "Vinny's Grill & Grotto" and have blurbs that reference a Stamford location. Probably related to Vinny's Backyard Restaurant in Stamford, which appears to be a wings, pizza, burgers, and beer type of joint.

          I likewise can't tell what they are doing with the "outdoor seating" area. One side had what looked to be the start of interior wall framing on the inside of the low brick wall, so I don't think they are taking out the front chunk of the building.

          I did see a couple of construction items that make me think they are opening up the inside, and joining what used to be the 2 dining rooms into one.

          Vinny's Backyard Restaurant
          1078 Hope St, Stamford, CT 06907

          1. re: plien69

            Construction is looking good..I drove by yesterday and saw that what appears to an extensive bar goes along the width of the restaurant. Anyone know any inside dish? It does appear to be the same owners as in Stamford. I hope this brings more good things for the Black Rock/Fairfield bordering area.