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A Brooklyn baker was featured on Martha Stewart today, making "brookies", a brownie-cookie combo baked in individual 4" pie pans. Personally I think that's too big - it looked like the ones passed to the audience were made in cupcake size, which is more reasonable.
A brownie mix was scooped into the greased pans, about half full. Then they were chilled (otherwise when baked the brownie part would overcook). He then made a chocolate chip cookie dough and chilled it. When firm, he scooped balls, flattened them in his palm, then gently pressed them into the chilled brownie pans, which caused the brownie dough to come up to the rim. Nice twist on familiar favorites. I think a coconut cookie center would be good. Or a blondie bottom instead of brownie. I'll call them cooknies ;-)

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  1. just don't call the blondie-bottomed ones "coodies" ;)

    1. Here's Dorie Greenspan's recipe, from Baking: From My Home to Yours (I haven't made it myself, but it's had positive reviews on CH): http://books.google.com/books?id=oCji...