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Mar 23, 2010 05:48 PM

Kosher in Newport Beach CA

My family and I will be staying in Newport Beach at the end of April for a weekend.
Does anyone know if there is ANY Kosher food there at all? I couldn't find a single restaurant!


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  1. The JCC in Irvine (reasonably close to Newport Beach) had a Kosher Cafe when I was in Irvine a few years ago. It was under the hashgacha of the Vaad of Orange County. You should contact the JCC and see if the cafe still exists. As far as I know there are no other places to eat anywhere else near there.

    1. You are going to have to drive - the closest besides the JCC is Orange County Kosher in Tustin - check out to search for other options -

      1. JCC in irvine is very close, but only has pizza ( The only local kosher butcher is excellent and he has some great prepared foods etc. Give them a call, they will help you out and it is a 10 min drive to get there. You will have to go to LA for a restaurant.

        1. I live next door in Irvine, and someone really needs to open a kosher restaurant here! The JCC cafe has very good food, and if you order ahead of time can look after many of your food needs. Contact Ina at (949) 435-3400. Also, Hotzstuff Catering is very good and delivers to the hotels. They cater out of the Tarbut v'Torah Day School. Their phone number is (949)233-3386. OC Kosher in Tustin has prepared food and will do sandwiches and platters too. They recently changed ownership, and are very nice to deal with. If you are around for Shabbat, contact Beth Jacob Congregation in Irvine and they will happily find local hospitality for you near the shul (949)786-5230. The new Mikvah opened this week and Rabbi Ciner is amazing and very helpful.