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Mar 23, 2010 05:25 PM

Blue Dog Tavern Sherman Oaks

I must say that i give an A+ to the staff who did everything in their power to keep my buudy, his daughter and I placated while they kept us waiting an hour or more for our food. They had a large birthday party for a Sunday night and I presume that was the problem as to the kitchen. As regards the food I would difinitely favor Laurl Taver and Pineapple Hill Saloon in Studio city and Sherman Oaks respectively as having far better hamburgers and fries. The only distinction between L.T. and P.H.S. is the price with P.H.S. getting the nod. Then again L.T. has little plates of Bone MArrow and other delights. Downside to L.T. you do your own ordering at the bar and then they give you a number and have the food delivered to your table. At those prices they can have someone come and take my order.

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  1. This place started out promising, but two subsequent visits were very disappointing. Will not go again. Multi-generational families with obnoxious toddler children were camped in the back tables both times we ate there and the smears they made on the windows were still there when we dropped in on another day (and left, due to the filthy tables and those filthy windows.) I don't want whiny toddlers in my tavern, but the neighboring young parents think everyone wants to share a shrill dinner with them. I have kids, but they don't belong in a bar, even one with food. What does this place want to be, a drinking, hanging spot or a coffee shop?
    Our first visit had great lobster bisque, worth going back for, but it's been taken off the menu. The fish and chips were pretty good, a wee soggy, but quickly got cold because the air conditioner was set very high. Many patrons were wearing their jackets.
    I was really looking forward to this place, it's a great location and everybody knows your name bar food and atmosphere are my favorites, but what a bummer. I hope they get their act together, 'cause dirty eating establishments are really a turn off.