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Mar 23, 2010 05:09 PM

Looking for Whole Pig Catering around Williamsburg

I'm trying to do a pig roast in Williamsburg next month. Does anyone know of any caterers/people within driving distance who could do a whole hog without breaking the bank?

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  1. You can try Pierce's Pitt BBQ in W'burg. They cater, not sure if they do a whole hog, tho.

    1. Well, whole hog is what is going to cost you. It is more interesting to look at, but you pay for skin, bones, head, etc. that you don't eat. I have a pig cooker built on a trailer that I can bring to your event, but I prefer boneless butts to make a more consistent BBQ with much less waste. I won't break the bank for you either. Reply to my post with an e-mail address if you are interested. Jack.

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        Thanks, yeah I'd be interested in what you can do. My email is

      2. I was just at Malbon Bros. in Va Beach this weekend and they're advertising whole hog catering (2 sides, disposables, bread, delivery, set-up and serve) starting at $9.95 a person. I thought that was a damn good deal.