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Mar 23, 2010 04:29 PM

B&C Seafood, Vacherie

Can anyone tell me if this place near Oak Alley and Laura Plantations is still open? I heard it had been sold. We're hoping to go there in a couple of weeks; or if anyone could recommend a good place for lunch near the plantations that would be great, thanks!

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  1. Yep it is still open. We went about a month ago.

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        You are welcome! If for whatever reason you can't make B & C, Oak Alley has a restaurant that is not terrible. Across the river in Convent is Hymel's which is another option. You might be very hungry if you wait to drive to Hymel's though.

        Hymel's Restaurant
        15805 River Rd, Hahnville, LA 70057

        1. re: mrsfury

          I ate some Chicken Francais at the Oak Alley restaurant that was pretty good. B & C Seafood has good fried seafood. I would not hesitate to try either one.

          Bigray in Ok

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            Thanks for the tip about Hymel's; are crawfish in season now?

            1. re: sweeterpea

              They are coming in now---lots of places have been offering them for several weeks....I was in Acadiana last weekend wnd my spies said theat they thought things should be in full swing in another three weeks

              1. re: hazelhurst

                The continued cool weather is constraining the supply a little bit, so expect to pay premium prices.

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  Ain't that the truth...that's why everyone thinks things will get better in a few weeks. My medico pal in LC said he'd paid $5 at Steamboat Bill's a few weeks ago and that they were so small it was hardly worth it. But Chris at Harlequin's told me on Saturday that no one is bothers by it and everyone is having home boils nonetheless(causing his Lenten business to be downa little bit)

      2. Just want to thank the poster for the tip about Hymel's in Convent. We recently got back from Louisiana and the food there is oustanding. Nothing fancy, and unassuming, but seafood and comfort food favorites cooked just right. It was about a 1/2 an hour drive from the Laura Plantation, and when we arrived for lunch, it was full of locals.

        I had the Jumbo Shrimp Platter and the shrimp were totally amazing; local shrimp almost the size of the palm of my hand, coated lightly and cooked to perfection. I did not believe that the shrimp could be truly jumbo and ordered the 12 shrimp platter which was way too much. My husband was happy to finish it off for me.

        Worth the drive from the Plantation areas for good home-cooked food. A real winner!

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          Sweeterpea---you're from the Prairie Provinces board, aren't you!? I'm going to New Orleans in June. I'd love to hear about your trip.

          1. re: Lainey1978

            Hi Lainey, yes I'm from the Prairie Provinces board -- our oldest is attending LSU so we were in NOLA in December/Jan for her Christmas break and mostly in Baton Rouge this time around for spring break.

            I did not write a trip report for our visit to NOLA, so here is a short one now:

            Restaurant August -- our "fancy" dinner out. Was disappointing and we would probably not return. My entree was oversalted and we were rushed through our dinner. There were other issues with our food (it's been so long I can't remember) but overall disappointing.

            Parasol's - Great divey po boy place. My husband was wanting to go badly as he had seen it on "Diners Drive-Ins and Dives" -- he had a roast beef po boy and felt it was quite small. He went back to get another one and gave the guy taking the order a generous tip. Magically, the po boy was a fair bit larger mmmm hmmmm. Good flavors and my shrimp po boy rocked. Like I said, divey - bullet holes in the back door and our table was going to fall over any second, but worth a visit.

            Muriel's - Jazz Brunch. Overall, very good and the jazz band went to all rooms to play for everyone, which was such a special treat. Shrimp and goat cheese crepes are a must order. It wasn't too crowded and a nice, elegant atmosphere without going over the top.

            Domenica -- we had two fabulous meals here, which is funny as Restaurant August is also owned by John Besh. Anything is good and it's a nice change of pace from Cajun flavors. I had read uneven reviews before, but for us it was spot on for both meals.

            Lil' Dizzy's -- Southern Buffet - go for the fried chicken!!! Nice selection of food and very reasonably priced, though I can't remember what I paid. Good family atmosphere and safe and pretty walk from downtown for us. From what I can recall there was fried chicken, red rice and beans, smothered pork chops, mac and cheese, gumbo, a cajun pasta dish (which was pretty awesome) and a couple of other things. A few tourists, but overall mostly locals.

            Hymel's - in Convent, about 1/2 an hour from the Laura Plantation. Attached to a gas station. Well worth the drive and go for the seafood! It ain't pretty inside and your drinks come in huge basins shaped like champagne glasses which made us laugh, but we loved it. Hubby was tired of seafood and ordered a salisbury steak which he said was awesome.

            Cafe des Amis -- if you make it to Breaux Bridge, this is a MUST EAT place. We had an amazing meal here: Fried Green Tomatoes with a crab sauce; the BBQ shrimp (local and huge) were to die for, and my catfish with crawfish etoufee was fabulous. The desert to go for is the chocolate pecan pie. Lovely people and great atmosphere. Apparently get there bright and early on Saturday's for their Zydeco breakfast which is fantastic -- great music and food.

            If you want some travel tips I would be happy to give them to you, please leave an email I can contact you at. Have a great time!

            Restaurant August
            301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

            123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

            1. re: sweeterpea

              Oh, this is great! Thank you! We won't likely have a car (unless we rent one for one day to drive to Mississippi), but we can cab it to restaurants that are further than we can walk (well, maybe--the husband's a cheapskate when it comes to cabs!). Sure, I'd love some travel tips. My email is lainey (at) canada (dot) com.

              1. re: Lainey1978

                We just got back from Mississippi as well. Will email you!

              2. re: sweeterpea

                Thanks for the details and so glad you had a good time!

            2. re: sweeterpea

              Enjoy it while ye may...the land around there keeps figuring in all kinds of deals the state is tryuing to put together and the fear is that if anyone buys and builds that Hymel's will vanish.

              Hymel's Restaurant
              15805 River Rd, Hahnville, LA 70057

              1. re: sweeterpea

                Glad you liked it! Tell us more about your trip if you have time.

              2. We ate at B and C last August after a plantation visit. It was a wonderful stop with good home style food. I am still sprinkling my dishes with the B and C seafood spice my wife bought for me. We will be back for lunch this summer.

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                  Does anybody know if B & C is open on Mondays? We'll be visiting plantations that day and I know a lot of restaurants in the area close on that day. Would love to try it if it is open! Otherwise Laura's Plantation website suggests Nobile Restaurant if anyone's been? Thanks!