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Mar 23, 2010 04:24 PM

I need a place to take a group of 20 that is good and on the cheap side.

Please assist - i need some suggestions for taking a group of 20 in the city center area. We will be visiting -- and I need a place that is good and cheap! thanks in advance!

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  1. The Continental is pretty fun with a big group. The small plates are good, too.

    1. Chinatown is usually pretty good for that.
      Check Lee How Fook - great food and a private room in the back. BYOB.

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      1. re: jaba

        I second the back room at Lee How Fook!!!

      2. Continental is a good option, but not a cheap one. China Town is the way to go if you want cheap. Lee How Fook and Vietnam are both great.

        1. Sazon at 10th and Spring Garden is great for groups and is very inexpensive and BYO

          1. How cheap? And are you specifically looking for a place with a private room/separate space for your group?

            La Fourno Pizza on South Street does a pretty nice 3-course fixed price ($35 a head) for a group of about 20 of my friends every year. Plus we can supplement with extra appetizers and stuff off their regular menu. It's pretty good Italian and has a nice, small upstairs room just right for about 20-30.

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              La Fourno in my opinion is one of the top restaurants in the area, from what I remember. The food is spectacular, the owner/proprietor (Al) is phenominal, and they have hands down the best tiramisu on the planet.

              I haven't been down there in about a year or so, but the times I have come, it has been nothing short of spectacular.

              Anyone else agree/disagree with me?