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Mar 23, 2010 04:24 PM

Can there be life after eggs??? :(

I LOVE eggs. Eggs by themselves, on things, in things....eggs are one of my favorite foods. But there may be a possibility of having to cut eggs out of my diet forever. *sigh* How can real baking be done without them??? :( No more cakes, cookies, etc??? Does anyone here have great ideas for life without eggs and/or links to blogs/recipes, or point me towards excellent cookbooks for ideas?

TIA :)

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  1. I remember going thru a period in m life when eggs went to spoil. I was never home and horrified that yes, indeed, I had a FULL egg carton in the frig that had been there more than XXX months! I'm much more careful about eggs now.

    I've heard of egg beater products. I've never used them.

    I'm not going to give you medical advice or travel advice.

    JungleKitto - More 'Hounders than me will give you better direction. Keep the Faith! Ova Rule!

    1. Ground flax seeds
      Applesauce or bananas
      There are also some comercial products you can buy - just type in vegan or vegetarian egg replacement for baking in the search engine and you will see many ideas

        1. I sympathize with you. Losing eggs would be hard. But there ARE recipes for many yummy baked goods without eggs. And, if perchance it's really the yolks that are problematic, being able to use the whites will make many recipes with eggs come out just fine with the addition of another fat. Good luck!

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            I think the necessity of eggs in baked goods is sort of a widespread myth. I started making cakes and muffins with yogurt instead a while back, and the taste and texture is much better, in my opinion. It's moist and dense and lovely, with none of that eggy aftertaste. I sub 1/4 cup yogurt per egg.

          2. Lately I've been eating egg substitute in a lot of potato pancakes. Right now potatoes are dirt cheap here, so I'm trying every pancake variation I can think of. So far zucchini, mexican squash and *spinach* have worked well as the companion vegetable.

            Simple recipe: 1 lg or 2 sm shredded potato, equal amt companion veggie, 1/4 shredded onion, one substitute egg, 2 Tbsp flour, S&P to taste. Cook in nonstick pan with 1 tsp olive oil until crisp. Serve with low fat sour cream or yogurt.

            I'm going to try the 'boxty' approach to see if mashed potatoes (and maybe a little oil) can sub for the egg.

            After the potatoes run out, look out okonomiyaki!