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Mar 23, 2010 04:00 PM

Good ice cream at Tabora Farm

Got a cone the other day when it was so warm out-- they said they just started making it again after a winter off. I had coconut-chocolate-chip cookie and it was delicious. The other flavors looked pretty tempting- can't remember what they were, but one was raspberry brownie and there was some black raspberry (also some scary-looking electric pink peppermint).

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  1. Tabora is a charming fun place to visit. I always stray too close to the extensive baked goods though.

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    1. re: givemecarbs

      Me too. Kind of weird how some of them are so good and some are so not. Some of it tastes real and from scratch, but some of the fillings in the pastries are like commercial crap out of a can or something. All in all a dandy place to go tho

      1. re: Sauerkrautman

        I've always wanted to try their ice cream, and love some of the baked goods: cream puffs & eclairs; their cookie table; rhubarb pie; *ham & swiss stuffed rolls*; quiche...

        At least you can run away the calories at Peace Valley lake nearby...

        1. re: Mr. Peabody

          Tabora has a wonderful bakery. The breads are to die for. I understand they are going to be featuring a new wheat and gluten free section soon. Cannot wait as we have a son and grand daughter who have celiac.

          1. re: teddybare

            Awesome! My friend is testing on his own for a gluten allergy and he doesn't care for the two gluten free breads at Trader Joe's, he only likes the tapioca loaf at Whole Paycheck, and that is like five dollars for a small loaf. He says it toasts up nicely though. I hope Tabora hurries up with that section!

            1. re: givemecarbs

              Was at Tabora today and they had baklava ice cream and it's wonderful! They're always making new flavors. They also have rosemary, and lavender, as well as more "normal" flavors. Yum. Try the baklava one if it's still there! You can taste before you commit.

              1. re: rutabaga

                Sounds awesome! I like that they offer samples. Any sign of those gluten free baked goods yet?

                1. re: givemecarbs

                  I dunno-- I just got ice cream and some stuff from the deli (really good food happening there, btw)-- figured I was being bad enough with the ice cream, so I avoided the bakery side of things. I was able to balance out the sinful ice cream with some low fat and delicious "real food". They do have pretty many GF options there in the deli-- my sister is gluten free so I'm always aware of that.

                  1. re: rutabaga

                    Has anyone eles checked out the new line of cupcakes?Was looking into the case and there are so many different types...each one looks delicious...key lime and red velvet were my favorite picks .......Their buttercream frosting is the best,,,,,,,,,,had to purchase some ice cream to go with.

                    1. re: rutabaga

                      Get the cones, not the pints IMO. Got a pint recently and the texture was not creamy. It's airy and icy. That's the 2nd time (out of 2 pints), so I don't recommend those for what they cost. Flavors good tho