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Mar 23, 2010 03:56 PM

In and Out coming to Big D?

There has been a rampant rumor circulating around my circle for a couple months now, but I think it is urban legend so far. Jeff who owns the Chick-Filet at 75 and Park says that In and Out is comming in next door (Steak and Shake, I guess). Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. I spoke to their corporate people personally just about a month ago, and the answer is no. Unless something dramatically changed. But based on the reasons why they are not coming are pretty definite. If I am wrong I will buy you and Chic fil A man a round of burgers.


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        We all wish... instead we're getting Carls Jr...

      2. I heard rumors as well but also heard that the reason they don't come to Texas is the distance from some of their produce suppliers is too far to guarantee freshness/quality at reasonable cost. I don't know anything about the validity of this, but I'm just doing my part to continue the rumors.

        From a real estate prespective, the Steak and Shake location is not good enough for In and Out. The Access is too limited and the site is too small. Just check out the traffic fiasco ChickFilet creates. If they came to Dallas, the location would need to be much better.

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          That's a lot like Braum's. You won't find one outside 300 miles (I believe) from Tuttle, Oklahoma because they want to guarantee their products are fresh.

          2922 W University Dr, Denton, TX 76201

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            Not sure about other locations for Braum's in Dallas but, there is one on Inwood just north of Lemmon and a very big store on Greeneville Avenue just south of Forest Lane.

            2922 W University Dr, Denton, TX 76201

            1. re: twinwillow

              To the north and west of Dallas, you don't have to drive *that* far to find a Braums. There's one in Grapevine on Main, Colleyville on 26, Euless on Main and there used (still?) to be on on NB 35 in Lewisville. When prepared by someone who actually cares about cooking and assembling a burger, I love them with always fresh lettuce and tomatoes - but don't ever go to the Euless location with this expectation as you'll be sorely disappointed - and that's based on several visits over quite a number of years.

              2210 E Park Row Dr, Arlington, TX 76010

          2. re: fixer

            Yes, since In-N-Out doesn't freeze their meat, they've established about a 500 mile expansion limit from their meat processing center in SoCal (I guess they figure that's about one day's drive).

            Not saying that they can't build a new distribution center within 500 miles of here, but that would be kinda hard to keep secret. And I figure if they were going to expand east, no real reason for them to stay quiet about it.

            1. re: healthyscratch

              FWIW, they are definitely expanding their distribution network. They've added locations in Utah, including locations that are beyond the 500-mile limit from SoCal. This would lead me to believe that they have opened a distribution facility in Vegas. The number of locations there has grown considerably, and their Northern UT locations are within the 500-mile limit. The Draper UT location was not yet open when I left town in November to go on European tour... will be driving back to SLC next month and look forward to checking it out.

          3. Being in the military and traveling around the country after leaving Houston, I have gotten to experience a number of hamburger joints. I have got to say in my mind Whataburger is by far the best place with SteakandShake a a not-too-close second and InandOut a very distant third with Carls Jr/Hardees close behind. So, except for the SoCal transplants living in the Metroplex area, count your blessings in having what I believe are the top two burger franchises in the US.

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              Well, taste is subjective. I've had Whataburger quite a few times and it just didn't do it for me. Steak and Shake I enjoyed but have only had it a couple of times. In-N-Out I have had many times during work trips to CA and Vegas and I must say that I liked it more than Whataburger. Out here on the East coast, Five Guys is expanding incredibly fast, and the burger they serve is good as well, better than Whataburger IMO. Growing up, we never had any of these around, and I did not discover them until college road trips. When I was a kid I grew up on Bud's Broiler, in the New Orleans, and that holds a place near and dear in my heart, and for sentimental reasons it is my favorite.

              1. re: roro1831

                I think some of this comes down to what "style" of hamburger people enjoy.

                I don't enjoy big, unwieldy hamburgers where you have to take a shower after eating one. Snuffers and Maple & Motor are about as big as I like them.

                I'm also a fan of "special sauce" and so I enjoy hamburgers like In-N-Out and Big Mac <aghast>. I still remember my first In-N-Out burger in Pasadena, CA. Yummmm.

                Having said that, my go to fast food burger is Whataburger. They use some kind of seasoning salt that I really like.

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                  Too bad The Prince closed, I enjoyed that burger. Didn't make it to Snuffers during my last visit to the city but when I lived there I was there quite often.

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                    I'm a fan of the "special sauce" as well. Burguesa burger on Inwood has excellent "special sauce" if you haven't tried it yet. I'm guessing its mostly mayo and puree chipotles, but who knows.

              2. IMO, they would open in Oregon and New Mexico before Texas. I'd be shocked if they opened in Texas within the next 3 years. Shocked and really happy.