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Mar 23, 2010 03:44 PM

Robeson Suites in Vancouver, March 2010

I picked up a recommendation to stay here several weeks ago while casting about trying to find a decent place with good restaurants surrounding. We were only in VC for one night; a family of 4, and we were absolutely Delighted with this pick. This is situated only a few blocks from Stanley Park (my older kids were interested in the VC area at the 'other' end of Robeson, with all the funky shopping and 2nd hand stores.) Regardless, this was a gem of a place to stay (complete with laundry facilities in the room) and the myriad of restaurants was eye-popping. (to say nothing of the 1-block -long Safeway grocery store across the street that sold many items not available in the States, but things I've recognized from my home in France.)

Just wanted to report back. For a room for around $100 or $120 for 4 (almost) adults, this place was GREAT.

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