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Mar 23, 2010 02:53 PM

curing fish other than salmon?

i've made cured salmon a couple of times recently: equal amounts of kosher salt and sugar with a tuscan spice blend and enough homemade lemoncello to make a paste. spread over the fillet and wrap and press in fridge for 48 hours.

i'm very happy with the results. does anyone have experience with curing other fish? what have you tried? what worked well? i saw some gorgeous steelhead trout today; worth giving it a try?


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  1. I don't know about cured, but I really enjoy smoked trout, and prefer it to smoked salmon, so you may want to give it a whirl.

    1. Salmon is really the fish to cure. Due to it's fatty nature, it takes well to cures and smoking, but sea bass works well with a cure application also. Try that. Herring can be cured, (more like pickled) black cod and sable also.

      There are warnings about using fresh slmon or other fish when curing, due to parasite contamination. It's a good idea to freeze the fish first, for at least 7 days, to kill the pests. Or buy frozen salmon.

      Trout is better smoked.

      1. I tried the recipe linked below. It was really good but I let it dry out too much.

        1. The black cod and sablefish mentioned by bushwickggirl are essentially the same fish; it's a great one to use with a miso cure (saikyoyaki aka the Nobu signature dish) because of the underlying fattiness.

          In addition to salmon, salmon trout (e.g. your steelhead) and arctic char both cure well, though the time will be less due to the size.

          Mackerel (regular and Spanish) both cure, though the Japanese style uses vinegar and kombu in addition to salt (done right, it's not that "vinegar-y". There's also kombu cure of things like tilefish and snapper, but that might not be to your taste.

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            Whoops, I meant to write "aka" sable.

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              I cure Spring salmon/rainbow trout/rock cod/ling cod/halibut with a local harvested 'bull kelp'/Kosher salt and Japanese vinegar the same as appycamper essentially.
              The bull kelp is Kombu.
              The white fishes all have delicious flavor.
              I do freeze all the fish for a week to kill the parasites I know are present in all wild fish.
              The bigger/older the fish the bigger the parasites.

            2. thanks, all! i will be branching out. i'm not a fan of mackerel but mr. camper is. lots of different trout available. i love char but don't see it often. also love miso. so pretty much anything i might see smoked would lend itself to curing?

              since looking at the kombu, i'm also wondering about using tea as the herbal ingredient. think i'll give both a go in the next few weeks.