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Mar 23, 2010 02:50 PM

Exeter - Easter Sunday - Any Thoughts?


Am heading back to the south west to visit the folks over the easter weekend, during which will be a catch with old school friends, so am on the lookout for a good venue for food and afternoon session, so looking for any thoughts. Current thought is Beer Engine, but am hopng for something more central, would like to avoid the imperial if possible, although I know it does good beer

Thanks in advance

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  1. Could you strike out as far as The Nobody Inn in Doddiscombleigh? Good hearty food, beer, wine and such fair prices I'm sure a split cab from Exeter would be off-set. Really worth it, if they can fit you in. I'd be interested to hear of any worthwhile Exeter gastropubs.

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      What is the Nobody like now? Used to be excellent, original (ish) owner left, revisited, nowhere near as good.

      Think need to be more central as people travelling from all over

    2. Probably not really applicable but I had a really fantastic meal at Michael Caines at Abode there a few months back. It was a weekday lunch menu for around £15 for 2 excellent, excellent courses. Plus a surprise amuse bouche and petit fours. Now I don't know if that applies on Sundays, especially Easter Sunday, and I doubt it will suit if you want to get tanked up, but it was an excuse for me to bring it up. You could eat there and move to a pub. I also saw No.21 Cathedral Yard by the, well, Cathedral! Looked a really really good cafe which serves alcohol (I think). Might suffice.