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Mar 23, 2010 02:48 PM

anyone been to Cocina Latina?

I have not been yet, but plan to stop in soon. It is at 38th and Nicollet...the website is hard to maneuver through but it sounds like a tasty list of items to choose from, mostly Ecuadorian in nature.

3764 Nicollet Ave., 612-354-2971

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  1. I have been and it is pretty good. I had the Lomito Soltado which is sort of a Latino stirfy with french fries. It was very good. I also had one of their fresh juices. I had lulo, which I had no idea what it was, and it was very good. they froth it, which is tasty. Finally finished with figs and cheese which I really loved.

    It is a very nice addition to the neighborhood.

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      Thanks for posting this- I drive by all the time and it's always empty. That corner is really tough on restaurants so if there's a good place trying to make it there, I'd love to know.

      1. re: meljohns

        Actually, most places do pretty well there. Taco Blas had been in that space for at least 10 years. Same with Shorty and Wags across the street.

        But try it out and get the fresh juice. I live in the 'hood and want people to support the independent businesses.

        1. re: churchka

          The place next door never seems to keep up biz though.

    2. We finally made it to Cocina Latina and enjoyed our visit.

      We had a veerrry early dinner (arrived shortly after 5:00), so it was mostly empty, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

      We tried the Humitas con queso for an appetizer-- corn cakes, tasting strongly of fresh corn, with some melted white cheese. Very tasty, especially with the (quite hot) salsa we were brought.

      My wife had the Lomito Saltado based on the recommendation here. It was tasty, and she doesn't understand why there aren't any American dishes which have french fries mixed in with the meat and veggies, since they nicely soak up the juices. Served with a gigantic mound of rice.

      I had the Plato Vegetariano which had a variety of vegetarian dishes-- beans, potatoes, yucca, rice, and plantains. The plantains were definitely a highlight-- they were perfectly cooked (a little caramelized) and had just the right amount of green tartness combined with sweetness.

      My wife tried the Ecuadorian manzana (apple) soda. Definitely thumbs down on that...

      But other than that, we enjoyed it, and our nearly-2-year-old daughter ate lots of plantains and rice. Seemed very kid-friendly.

      We will go back!