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Mar 23, 2010 02:46 PM

Polish market in DFW?

I come from a Polish family, and every year in my family, we make our secret-family-recipe pierogi! Having recently moved down to the DFW area and away from said family and our special pierogi maker, I am looking for a Polish market that may possibly carry one of these and some of the ingredients for the pierogi (they require a special kind of farmer's cheese). Any ideas of a Polish market in DFW?

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  1. Yes! Euro Market and Deli at 11613 North Central Expy. That's the south/west corner across from Medical City on Forest Lane and No. Central Expy.
    Everything Polish and Czech. All their fabulous cold cuts come from Chicago. They speak Polish so, you should feel right at home. Not expensive, either!

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      Does Euro Market carry Crawford Sausage, also known as Daisy Brand meat products? I grew up on Crawford Sausage in Chicago. The best hot dogs you will ever have! The owner is Czech and is 3rd generation, or his daughter may have taken over the business by now. I'd really be interested in making a trek from Ft. Worth to Euro Market if the carry Crawford.

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        Not sure but, just call them. They're very nice folks. It's a family run operation. Husband, wife and two daughters. 214-696-5441.

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        Yummo! Thanks for the info. And, I see they're BYOB. All the better!

      2. They actually sell Farmer's cheese at Central Market (I've seen it in Southlake). It's the right stuff, not a lot in quantity, though.

        Andie (also away from her pierogi makers)