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Mar 23, 2010 02:17 PM

D.C. - Burger and a Beer

Will be in D.C Wednesday. Dining solo for dinner and looking for an eat at the bar place with a killer burger and great tap beer selection.

I'm staying at W Hotel 15th and F

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  1. Stoney's at 14th & P is worth consideration.

      1. ChurchKey, above Birch and Barley in Logan Circle.

        Birch and Barley
        1337 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

        1. Unfortunately, the serious "killer burger" places (Ray's Hellburger, Good Stuff Eatery, BGR in descending order) don't serve beer. You've received some very reasonable suggestions so far for places where you can both a burger and a beer, however, I had a very disappointing burger at Stoney's last month - I vowed not to get one there again. I have only been to the Chinatown location of Matchbox, where I've eaten mediocre pizza and mini-burgers - but I have heard from others (as monkeyrotica said) that the Eastern Market location is better. Another option would be the Black Squirrel on 18th St. I think they've got a really good beer list. I haven't tried their burgers, but it looks like it's worth a try.

          I haven't had a burger at Churchkey (they have a "brat burger and fries" on the menu for $16) - however, Churchkey has a killer beer list and their beer sommelier was mentioned in Food and Wine's recent Top 7 Sommeliers list: <>, so I feel certainly that you would be very happy there on the beer front at minimum. It also has a pretty good location vis-a-vis the W Hotel. You can catch a bus going north on 14th St. - get off at P St. or Rhode Island Ave. - or walk there if the weather is nice. (maybe 20 mins. or so). You might have some trouble getting a seat at Churchkey - it's very popular. Stoney's is also in this same neighborhood.

          I hope you enjoy yourself wherever you go!

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            I am fairly certain last time I was at Good Stuff I had a Yuengling. They by no means have a "good beer list" though, and I thought while the flavor of my Obama burger was nice, the bun was soggy and the burger itself was rather small.

            1. re: reiflame

              You're right - they do serve beer, I forgot. And I too was rather disappointed in the Obama burger when I had it. I absolutely loved the double bacon cheeseburger I had there recently though (cooked by Spike himself to my surprise) - and their shakes are to die for. Another issue is that the last time I went there I had to wait 35 minutes in line to get in. In any case, the OP is looking for an "eat at the bar" place - so Good Stuff isn't the best choice out there.

            2. re: woodleyparkhound

              Actually, (burger-lovers of the DC metro area rejoice) I walked past Ray's Hell-Burgers last weekend; there's a sign in the window indicating that they now serve beer and wine! I haven't been in lately so I can't tell you about the selection, but it seems the Holy Trinity of burger, fries, and beer can now be had at Ray's. Finally!

            3. I know that everyone likes to put down Clyde's since it's a chain, but I've had a good burger there a couple of times. Decent beer selection too. And they have a half price raw bar happy hour, Monday - Thursday.