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Mar 23, 2010 02:14 PM

Sunday night on a bit of a budget...The Modern Bar or Public?

We'd like to keep it under $150 including wine & tax.
Which has better food?...I know Public has $50 Sunday night supper for 5 courses (by the way, will they modify the menu for any specific food preference? i.e. no meat or no offal?)
Is The Moderne still offering $0 corkage on Sunday nights? That has a lot of appeal.
Food is definitely the priority and we are willing to abstain from alcohol for great food to stay within budget.
Also, which place would have more of a 'buzz' on a Sunday night?

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  1. We just had dinner in the Bar Room at The Modern on Sunday evening. The food was stellar, service was first-rate, and the vibe was lively without being excessively loud. My husband did wine pairings, which were excellent. I don't know if they are still doing no corkage. Call and ask. As for your $150 budget, is that for two people? The cost for food will depend on how many courses you order and which dishes you choose. The menu with prices is on the website.

    Photos of our dinner in the Bar Room at The Modern can be viewed here:

    We've not been to Public, so I can't make a comparison.

    1. Bar Room is still doing Sunday nights sans corkage fee, as per opentable. We were there last month and were very pleased with our dinner and service. We were very happy to have shared our bottles with our wait staff and listened to their thoughts on our wines.

      The egg in a jar dish was close to excellent.