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Mar 23, 2010 01:03 PM

First customer at Casa Tua on Atlantic

Ended up for dinner at Cas Tua last night. They had just opened and we were their first customers. The change in decor from the old La Pizzetta space was an improvement. Never was a fan of the colander lamp shades. Much of the menu from La Pizzetta carries over, but without the emphasis on pizza - no surprise with the name change. Service was prompt and friendly as there was no one else there. I had the grilled vegetable appetizer which was tasty and the chicken milanese as the main. Chicken was well cooked but the arugula could use a bit more bite. Wife had the caesar salad which was fine though lacking the anchovy tang we prefer and the chicken scarpariello as the main. The scarpariello presentation was different than anything else in the neighborhood as the base was a chicken breast cutlet. Different, but good. Nice comfortable spot in the area with reasonably priced well prepared food. We will be back. Anyone else been there yet?

La Pizzetta
145 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. Do they still have brick-over pizza? I mean, it'd be a shame to scrap one that had already been installed! Do they have a liquor license? I remember La Pizzetta didn't have one for ages, which was probably one reason LP lacked customers.

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      Don't remember seeing the pizza but they have the liquor license so you can have a glass of wine. Makes the meal much more enjoyable.

    2. Just went there last night. It was spectacularly bad! I did not have the pasta but the pizza was just plain terrible. In a city full of great pizza a place like this cannot compete. The pizza had a terrible cracker like crust, slightly bitter sauce and strange cheese which was only partially melted on the top. It honestly reminded me of the pizza from the frozen section of the supermarket (the kind that come in a three pack). In fact if you had told me it was frozen supermarket pizza I would not have doubted it. The service was sloppy, we didn't get bread until after the appetizers were done, and I should add the bread was stale flat bread that seemed like cut up pita. Please avoid this place.