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Mar 23, 2010 12:09 PM

Recent Burgers

Anyone have any great burgers lately not from Craigie or Toro? Please don't even think about mentioning O'Sullivan's...

1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

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  1. I had a burger at O'Hara's in Newton, that eerily reminded me of the Craigie burger, for literally half the cost. I've blanked on the fry format, but I do remember them being really good. The place is impossible to get into on a weekend, though, not sure about weeknights, and it seems like the kind of place that people settle into for the entire evening (well, it is a pub).

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    1. re: nsenada

      I used to go to O'Hara's as a kid, haven't been back in years.

      1. re: rchudy

        I returned last week after perhaps a 10-15 year drought. Place was wall to wall people on a Thursday night until about 9 PM. I had a burger and it was very good, fries...not so much (frozen variety, I think). Prices are still very reasonable. Oh, and the calamari and buffalo wings were real good, too.

      2. re: nsenada

        Im at O'Hara's a fair amount on weeknights- it can get really busy- similar to weekends- but it is hit or miss. Sometimes you can walk right in and get a seat-others your dodging people just to stand and wait.

      3. I like the burger at Kingston Station, how can you go wrong with bacon cheese and a fried quail egg. Also, had a really good duck burger at Lucky's recently.

        Kingston Station
        25 Kingston St, Boston, MA 02111

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        1. re: Karl

          I'm a huge fan of the Station burger at Kingston their fries are highly addictive!

          1. re: CreativeFoodie42

            I agree, those fries are insane, I even love just getting the truffle fries appetizer, it's a massive bucket of deliciously salty crisp fries with some melted cheese on them and an awesome aoili to dip them in.

            1. re: Karl

              I found the melted cheese aspect of Kingston's truffle fries to be rather offputting, dare I say disgusting, because it solidified as the fries sat, and the whole thing became a gluey mess. I'd say stick to the plain fries, or ask for truffle fries w/o cheese. As for burgers, can't comment.

          2. re: Karl

            I love Lucky's, I've become good friends with the head chef over there. I just haven't reviewed it yet because it seems like a conflict of interest, I will not become the phantom gourmet.

            1. re: rchudy

              Can't vouch for the burger, but I everything have had at Lucky's has been very good. Love their brunch and mac n cheese.

          3. I had a really nice burger at Burtons in Hingham the other day. Cooked to order with bleu cheese, caramalized onions and applewood smoked bacon. I was surprised at how much the bacon added to the flavor of the sandwich. Fries on the otherhand were way overly salted.

            1. The burger at Highland Kitchen was my favorite until I tried Craigie's.

              Highland Kitchen
              150 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

              1. I was pleasantly surprised by a burger I had recently at the Temple Bar in Cambridge.

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                1. re: pemma

                  Second the Temple Bar burger -- it's on the brunch menu too in case pancakes and eggs aren't your thing. Central Kitchen does a very good burger at lunch too.

                  I didn't enjoy the burger at Garden at the Cellar. Brioche bun oddly chewy, grass-fed beef not juicy enough. Disappointing.

                  Central Kitchen
                  567 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

                  1. re: yumyum

                    The Cellar was ok, I thought, but agree that brioche is and always will be a crime on top of a burger. Speaking of, I found the high-rise bun at central kitchen to be too much as well, overall a disappointment.

                    1. re: rchudy

                      That brioche *is* a problem. The sliders at the Cellar, however, are awesome.

                  2. re: pemma

                    I had a burger for lunch today at Russell House Tavern, which was quite good (I have not had the burger at Temple Bar, but given that Temple Bar seems to do a good burger it is perhaps not surprising that Russell House Tavern does as well). It was served on an English muffin with bacon, cheddar, and slightly charred grilled onions. Cooked perfectly to medium rare. Fries are okay, nothing special, but the burger was worth going back for, IMO.

                    1. re: greenzebra

                      I haven't had a chance to check Russell House yet. They opened last week, right? Any other impressions of the place?

                      1. re: CreativeFoodie42

                        I've been once for lunch and once for dinner, and quite enjoyed it both times. More detailed comments here:

                      2. re: greenzebra

                        I took a burger out from RHT tonight. Not the best thing to do with a burger, I know, but I was busy. It was quite good, even after having been stored for a while -- beefy, juicy, and correctly cooked to the doneness I wanted. (I'm a rare man, but wanted it medium for the takeout version.) The fries were well executed, too -- crisp and greaseless. This is a place that demands further exploration.