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Mar 23, 2010 11:12 AM

Went to Chink's today for the 1st time!

About a 35 to 40 minute ride for me so that alone made expectations high. Well, after sitting on a stool at the counter and wolfing down a large cheesesteak with the cute and very pleasant young wait staff contributing to the ambiance, I have to say it may be one of my best Philly Cheesesteak experiences. It's probably top 3 for me.

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  1. We went there a year or so ago and I agree it was worth the ride. If I recall they had great milkshakes also. Just haven't made it back but hope to.

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      I've been to Chink's one time, the thing I liked the most compared to other Philly cheesesteaks was the fact it was not greasy and like FayeD said, the milkshake was also wonderful. Top 3 for me too.

    2. I live a few blocks away from Chinks. In all the years I've lived here(15 yrs), I've only been there once! Maybe I'm not a true fan of cheese steaks, but I wasn't all that impressed. Maybe I should try them again, lol..My kids go there, and I can always tell...they come home smelling like onions, and I have to wash their clothes immediately!