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Mar 23, 2010 10:50 AM



I went to a local Mexican market and they were selling big bags of what I think are small tangelos for a dollar. I got two bags (about 20 per bag). They are about racquetball sized (at their biggest - some are lime or lemon sized--so smaller), and I've included a picture because my questions are:

1) Is that a tangelo? Normally, I see citrus like this in the mega marts but they are much bigger (usually the size of an orange), not as juicy as these, and not as tart. I guess it could be a tangerine but those are not normally as tart as these. What do you think? I guess what is interesting me is the unusual smaller size, unusual high degree of juice I'm getting, and the tartness. It almost like taking a bite out of a lemon.

2) What to do? These have a LOT of juice for their size, no seeds, and are tart. I'm getting over a tablespoon of juice from one wedge. I counted about 9-10 wedges in the few I ate. 10 wedges, 40 tangelos, and I'm thinking I can do a few applications, aside from just the juice. What would you suggest?

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  1. Those are can use it like an orange but since they're tart, you may have to add a little sugar. I like to use extra oranges (but you could sub tangelos) in things like curd for a tart, saute it in a vegetable stir fry, make a syrup to add to drinks or over ice cream. You can use it in grilled fish or seafood, pork & chicken dishes. You could also make great sherbet, granita or frozen yogurt with tangelos