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Mar 23, 2010 10:44 AM

Help a Poor Guy Use Up Some Frozen Pre-Cooked Shrimp

Hello Home Cookers!

I have a half a bag of the above in my freezer and not a lot of $. (They were left over from a previous shindig) I like shrimp just fine but never cook with them. Also, it seems the recipes I've found use raw shrimp.

Does anyone have any favorite recipe suggestions?

Many many thanks in advance!


Glendale is hungry...

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  1. since they're precooked, shrimp salad. dice the shrimp, add minced celery (including leaves) and onion, chopped hard-boiled egg, mayo, lemon zest. serve in avocado half or on sliced tomato or croissant.

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      I agree with the shrimp salad. Everyone has their own version, of course. I use lettuce, tomato, green onion, avocado, thawed shrimp (I also thaw them early and then wrap in paper towels to take as much moisture out as possible and store in the fridge), and then add some McCormick's Salad Supreme seasoning and some fresh ground pepper. Then toss with a little bit of mayo.

      Of course Shrimp cocktails are always great (with a little shredded lettuce on the bottom).

    2. you can make a simple, tasty pasta dish - heat a little olive oil, cook up a clove or 2 of minced garlic. Add tomato sauce (plain tomato, not a jarred pasta sauce), and red pepper flake to taste. Stir in the shrimp til warmed through & serve over pasta. Quick & dirty, but tasty on a busy night.

      1. Shrimp nachos, alfredo, add them to gumbo, frittata, dumplings, grits....

        1. You could broil them quickly with some sauce (I like Paula Deen's peach/Vidalia/chile) and make shrimp lettuce wraps. Add some raw onion, celery, red bell pepper ...

          1. Shrimp pot pie.

            Take your basic (or favorite) chicken pot pie recipe and sub out chicken with the shrimp.