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Mar 23, 2010 10:35 AM

Group dinner in Dedham area

Out of town family would like to host a dinner for our cousin who is being married in the Dedham area on 5/15/10. Dinner is the night before. We don't yet have a budget but we know we'd like it to be casual. We can go to Boston but there are some older people who might not mind if it was somewhere in the Dedham area (where the hotel is) and where we could drive, rather than take public transit. The group we are hosting are from Ireland. There are some children involved. We may be talking about a group of 45 or so. Any thoughts appreciated.

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  1. I suggest checking one of the many restaurants that opened at the new Legacy Place shopping complex in Dedham. If you go to their website:, you can view the list of restaurants and get phone numbers for the restaurants. Across the street from Legacy Place is a casual restaurant called Joe's American Bar and Grill that could probably accommodate your group.

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      I stopped in The Yard House, at Legacy Place, the other day and it was already(opened very recently) packed with people. I did not eat, but the menu looked huge with lots of stuff that sounded good. The place looked huge and my server at the bar was fantastic! Pretty impressive beer tap list too. Could be a contender for your family dinner close to home.

    2. I've heard good things about Bamboo, which has Chinese and sushi.

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        Bamboo has quite good "Americanized Chinese" and a very good and popular buffet, however, at the risk of being politically incorrect, many posters on various internet sites have referred to the Manager as the "buffet Nazi", apparently she has the reputation of being a bit nasty to those who eat what she considers too much food on the buffet or who go back too many times.

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          This type of thing infuriates me. I generally don't frequent buffets (I have an issue with food that needs a sneeze guard), but if you advertise "all you can eat" you can't then decide what's too much. I have a friend who went with a bunch of buddies to the TinTin Buffet in Brighton, and were thrown out because "you eat too much, you must leave". Either say you can go through the buffet line once for whatever price you pay, or limit the number of times you can go through (without advertising it as all you can eat) and I haven't got a problem, but otherwise it's pretty sleazy. I'm not as familiar with the places in Dedham, but I know that it can be difficult to find places in town that accomodate big groups like yours, except for most of the steak houses which usually have function rooms.

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            One of my favorite Simpsons quotes:
            [to Captain McAlister] That man ate all our shrimp! And two plastic lobsters!
            Captain McAllister: 'Tis no man. 'Tis a remorseless eatin' machine!

            I've definitely gotten that vibe in some ayce joints.

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            I've eaten at the buffet many times and never noticed anyone hovering or interfering. It's always been very good.

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              The Legal "C" Bar, that offshoot of Legal Sea Foods, actually does a very good job, and the space is very comfortable. The BBQ ribs, of all things, are delicious.

              Over at the new-ish Legacy Place.