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Mar 23, 2010 09:47 AM

Need suggestions for upcoming summer MTL trip!

The wife and I are heading up to Montreal for 2 days at the end of June.

Suggestions would be much appreciated for:

- Dinner
- Lunches
- Snacks
- Must try food items (Schwartz's is already on the list!)

As well as any other 'touristy' things that we shouldnt miss.

I think APDC is on the list for dinner one night, as I have heard so many good things.

Budget is not an issue - so would love to learn about what the finest foodie attractions your great city has to offer!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Le St-Urbain (dinner or lunch)

      Le Local (dinner or lunch)

      Bottega Pizzeria (dinner - Neapolitan pizzas)

      Le Garde-Manger (dinner)

      L'Assommoir (also for drinks)

      La Montée (dinner or lunch)

      Boris Bistro (lunch - for the nice terrace)

      Jardins Nelson (breakfast & lunch - also a nice terrace)

      Le Local
      740 rue William, Montréal, QC H3C 1P1, CA

      65 Rue Saint-Zotique E, Montreal, QC H2S1K7, CA

      Boris Bistro
      465 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y2H1, CA

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      1. re: Foie Gras Lover

        The terrace at Boris Bistro is lovely, but the food is not. Ditto for Jardin Nelson - overpriced tourist trap IMHO, although pleasant enough atmosphere if the weather is good. But thumbs up on all of Foie Gras Lover's other suggestions.

        Boris Bistro
        465 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y2H1, CA

        8630 Rue Sherbrooke E, Montreal, QC H1L1B7, CA

        1. re: rcianci

          Thanks for the replies.

          Any comments on Europea? I have heard some good reviews.

          As well, not having been to APDC - I have been told it is a 'must go' but have read some notes on this board stating its somewhat over-hyped - any truth to this?


          Europea Restaurant
          1227 Rue De La Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

          1. re: Sadistick

            I ate there last week, twice, and found the food to be as good as ever. The service however, while good in many respects, was marred by repeated attempts to "up sell" me ("our maple syrup", "our special olive oil"); blatant attempts to cash in on Picard's celebrity. I've been going to PDC since 2003, but this was the first time I felt treated like a tourist and a rube. Disappointing. But if you don't mind that it's become a bit of a tourist place, I'm sure you'd find the food satisfying and unique.

            1. re: rcianci

              Europea is considered by many to be the big cheese of the the Montreal restaurant scene. But I have to admit - I've eaten there a few times and I'm still not a big fan. Mostly because it's not the kind of food I enjoy eating. I don't buy into the whole molecular gastronomy thing - personally I find it to be a little fussy and overwrought. I think a good alternative is La Montée which has a similar vibe with a slightly more toned down menu.

              As for APDC, I think the food there is fantastic (couldn't be more different from Europea). And for someone seeking the full Montreal experience it's definitely a good choice. However recent accounts indicate that some standards are beginning to slip.

              I don't have anything bad to say about any of the other places on this thread. You'
              ve got some good recommendations here. L'Express and Laloux - consistently good. Garde Manger - very cool. Dim Sum in Chinatown - great experience. Poutine at Maam Bolduc and La Banquise - awesome. Atwater and Jean Talon - don't miss.

              1. re: NickMontreal

                Hi - in terms of priority (and if there is limited time), which of the markets would be the must-go? atwater, jean-talon, maisonneuve, lachine... or am i missing any other must-go? Thanks!

                1. re: comamos

                  Jean-Talon Market is the grand-daddy (or grandma, if you prefer) of them all. I'd definitely go there if you have to choose only one, especially if it's (local) growing season.

                  Jean-Talon Market
                  7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

          2. re: rcianci

            If you are in town between June 25 and july 6 keep in mind it's during jazzfest. Great music and people and the street food at the Place des Arts is fun. In addition to the reccos above, I would suggest L'Express, Laloux, Ferreira or maybe a vist to Ctown for some dim sum, pho and banh mi. Or poutine at Maam Bolduc, Patati Patata, La Banquise. Make sure to visit Jean Talon and/or Atwater market (and bring a cooler for your will definitely be buying stuff to take home). Visit Place Jacques Cartier for the artists and bistros, the botanical gardens and the biodome. My only wish for you is that you had more time for your visit. Trust me, you will be planning your next trip as you are leaving. Great food, friendly people and a very cool culture have kept us returning for the better part of thirty years. We will also be in town for the jazz fest at the time you mention, and who knows, we may just nod and say bonjour as we pass by. Small world. Enjoy!

            L'Express Restaurant
            3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

            Patati Patata
            4177 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC , CA

          3. You already been to Schwartz's for smoked meat before? Make sure to order it medium-fat, otherwise it can be a little dry. I see on the other site asking for suggestions, you posted '.... Suggestions for another would be great, as well, which is the smoked meat shop that we 'cannot miss' - i do not recall the name!'

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            1. re: BLM

              Yes, Schwartz's it is.

              We have not been, but are excited to go. I have tried the best my city has to offer, and cannot wait to see how the legend compares.

              I have also read places that Mtl by bike is the best way to see the city, my only question is, how safe is it? Are there bike lanes? Do people ride on the street/do cars respect the bikes? Always a bit iffy there.

              If anyone has some pastry shop rec's as well, that would be great. I think we have food covered!

              1. re: Sadistick

                Discussions of bike transport is off-topic for Chowhound - sorry.

            2. The original comment has been removed