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What to bring home from NOLA?

Hello All! I am very excited to make my first trip to NOLA next week. It is going to be just a short overnight trip, so I am going to try and pack in as much stuff as possible. I have gotten some great ideas of where to eat from other posts, but my question is: what are some good foodie gifts I can bring home from NOLA?

One thing I like to do when I travel is go to farmers markets and look for local jams and jellies. Where would be a good one to go for that (I will be there Wed lunch time to Thursday dinner)?

What should I be on the look out for that is uniquely New Orleans?


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  1. I always bring home a muffeletta from Central Grocery and some pralines from Aunt Sally's or Leah's.

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      how perishable are those? I realize they're better the day after when the oil has had time to marinate the inside of the loaf, but what about keeping it cool, etc. Should I bring a small icepack lunch box with me to keep them fresh on the plane ride back?

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        Bring a small icepack lunch box and, to get around the FAA rules on gels and liquids, pack one cheap bag of frozen veggies below the muff and one on top of it. Works like a charm. Wrap the frozen veggies in extra plastic bags, because if the original bag gets punctured you don't want broccoli water leaking out onto your sandwich.

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          Last week, I bought a muff at CG at 9:30 AM or so, took it back to my hotel and put it in my suitcase (no ice or cooler). When I got home about 4:00 that afternoon my wife and I ate half of it. I put the rest in the refrigerator and finished it off the next day. It was fantastic.

      2. Camellia brand red beans

        1. Get any Mam Papaul's, Zatarain's, Abita, Tony Chachere or Zapp's products.If you happen upon Scratchmo's creole mustard get that too. Can't help with jams & jellies because I get mine in Ponchatoula.

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              Hey thanks for the link. I guess I just wasn't wording my search right when I was looking earlier. Thanks!

            2. 2nd the Zapps (any corner store or gas station) and Pralines (Pralines by Jean)!

              1. Zapp's chips, Crystal Extra Hot Sauce (never seen it anywhere else) and Praline's from Tee Eva's on Magazine St

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                  Agree all the way on the Zapp's, and Crystal is my favorite hot sauce ever.

                2. Tony Chachere's seasoning is a terrific spice rub for grilled meat/fish/vegetables. (Also nonperishable!)

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                    I tout Slap Ya Mama although I have recently bought some of Ball's seaoning (from lake Charles) which is quite good---it might---MIGHT---be at langenstein's.

                  2. I agre, click on the link provided, there was a very long topic just like this with many informative suggestions.

                    IMHO Tony Chachere's is like tasting a salt lick. YUCK (of course we all like different things so there is no right or wrong) I heard this is a low or no sodium one. Some of Paul Prudhomme seasonings are good.

                    I posted this link already, it is a list of stores in the F.Q. and that general area that have local products:

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                      the low-sodium Tony's is...eh. It's not the same (to my tastebuds) as the full-salt version...it's also an inhalant danger, as the salt substitute used in the blend is very, very finely ground. Don't inhale while sprinkling it on, or you'll regret it mightily. Rather than the original Tony's gritty texture, the low-salt kind is powdery & flyaway.

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                        I've never tried the low/no salt TC, and don't intend too. But I appreicate the info, didn't know that!

                        I used to use Paul Prudhomme and now just blend my own. Too much salt or salt taste compromises the dish IMO.

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                          Yep. I picked up 2 "salt free" varieties recently not knowing they contained a salt substitute. Its nasty stuff...and just like you said its way too finely ground..bleh.
                          The original has way too much salt. Time to stop being lazy and mix up my own batch.

                      2. Go to Mr. B's and buy the Mr. B's cookbook. Without a doubt, it's the best restaurant cookbooks I've ever owned.

                        1. If the recipient(s) of your gifts like pralines, go to Southern Candymakers (two locations...both on Decatur). They'll give you a sample, and you can purchase freshly made pralines packaged well for traveling.

                          1. While you're getting your muffaletta to take home, pick up a jar of the olive salad. I use both the Central Grocery brand and Boscoli's. Then when you get a craving for a muff, you can make your own. Steen's Cane Syrup. Community Coffee. New Orleans French bread. Herbsaint Liqueur - in Dec. they started selling the original version again. Peychaud's bitters. If your bag gets too full, a lot of this stuff can be ordered online now. In the old days I used to have to get my Mom to ship it to me.

                            1. i would suggest, if you feel very crafty, calling ahead to Crabby Jack's and ordering some gumbo to go, and picking it up on the way to the airport, you'd have to check the latest flying regulations though on perishable food and liquid amounts that you can carry on, i used to do this everytime i flew back to DC from New Orleans (where I went to college) as a gift for my dad back around 2004

                              Crabby Jacks
                              428 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

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                                Gumbo won't get through security. It exceeds the liquids limit, which was being rigidly enforced on my last trip thru MSY.

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                                  I'm of the understanding that Mr. B's will ship their gumbo.

                              2. Go over to "The Butcher" behind Cochon and get some Habanero Sweet Potato Sauce and some of their fantastic bacon. They make their own carcuterie, and everything I've tasted there was really good, especially that bacon.

                                930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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                                  Hey Liz, there is no article. It's just BUTCHER. ;)

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                                    Would the sauce be too saucy for the FAA?

                                  2. Blue Plate Mayo,Scatchmos Creole Mustard, Camellia Red beans, Hubigs Pies, Crystal or Slap Yo Mama hot sauce, (You can order quite a few of these online) Good luck!

                                    Blue Plate Cafe
                                    1330 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70130

                                    1. Cajun Seasoning- My favorite is Slap Your Mama!
                                      Camellia Red Beans are a must
                                      Pat O's glass