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Mar 23, 2010 07:30 AM

Abundance of Snap Peas. What to do with them?

Hello all,

I have more snap peas than I know what to do with. Any suggestions on how I can use them up? Can I make a snap pea soup or would they be too fibrous?


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  1. You could try a soup but be aware that these aren't like your typical dried peas. If you're concerned with texture, simply strain it.

    1. they're such a fresh taste of spring i'd keep them as light as possible. they make a great salad. blanch for less than a minute. shock in ice water. pat dry, toss with chopped roasted red peppers and vinaigrette with a splash of soy sauce and grated fresh ginger. they keep for a few days in the fridge.

      if you want a soup, you could cut them in half and just heat through in chicken broth and bite-sized pieces of shrimp with fresh cilantro.

      i also like what i call peas and carrots for grownups. steam sliced carrots until tender. toss in the snap peas and lightly steam them. finish with a little melted butter and sriracha hot sauce.

      1. I'm thinking sautee with a little butter and add lots of mint!

        1. I bring them to work, nuke them for about 90 seconds (for a generous bowl) and then munch on them like potato chips. Not gourmet, but you use a lot of them quickly and they're delicious and healthy.

          1. I just had them for lunch (from my office cafeteria salad bar) with a mustard vinaigrette dressing. I guess they were blanched first because although they were crunchy, they were a tiny bit softer than when I buy them and eat them straight from the store.