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Mar 23, 2010 07:17 AM

Rao's Lemon Chicken

Has anyone tried this recipe at home?

Just wondering if there is anything you would do differently? Also I only have split chicken breasts so I will adjust the cooking time.

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  1. I have a chicken thawing for tonight and you helped me decide what to do with it - this sounds delicious! Will report back tomorrow.

    1. This is a favorite in our house. I follow the recipe as written and it has never failed me. We love it!

      1. Thanks for the reminder. I kept meaning to make this after reading this thread, and forgot about it. Now it's back on my radar screen.

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        1. re: bear

          Thanks guys! Do you think the fact that I am only using chicken breasts is okay?

          1. re: foodsnob14

            yes, of course....but check your timing as you said. I have thin cutlet defrosting.....I'll be making a modified version tonight. I was planning on making lemon potatoes, so this will be perfect. Thanks.

        2. jfood has made a half a dozen times, always great. Jfood highly recommends.

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          1. re: jfood

            made the lemon sauce - it HAS to be good - can't wait to make it and serve with crusty French bread - and a spinach salad or sauteed spinach..

          2. I made it last night. The chicken was perfectly cooked and juicy, the lemon sauce was a bit astringent for us - maybe the lemons weren't as "sweet" as they could've been - may try it again and add a little honey. I liked it more than my husband did - really good with the french bread to sop up the sauce, but probably won't make it again - too many other chicken dishes we like much better.