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Mar 23, 2010 06:48 AM

Pizza in Baltimore

Any tips on where to find a great slice of thin crust in Baltimore? Nothing fancy just basic sauce, cheese, and peperoni on a very thin crust, seasoned and cooked to perfection. My favorite is Rubino's in Columbus OH, if anybody happens to be familiar.

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  1. If you are looking for a NYC-style "slice" (despite the Ohio reference), you will likely be disappointed. Baltimore does have some "by the slice" places, but few of any note.

    Try this thread for a good summary of all things pizza in the Baltimore area:

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    1. re: Warthog

      Chef Paolino (downtown, in the B of A center where Lombard intersects Charles Street) serves a credible slice. But in general I agree with Warthog.

      Chef Paolino Cafe
      100 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

      1. re: lawhound

        Pasticcio Italian Kitchen in Pikesville.

        1330 Reisterstown Road Pikesville, MD 21208-3805 - (410) 484-4781

      2. re: Warthog

        Rubino's looks a lot like Chicago thin crust style, particularly because they cut their round pizzas "party" or "tavern" style and the pizza has no real discernable raised outer edge, or "il cornicione".

        I have not been to Rubino's, but the sauce on Chicago thin crust style (if that is what Rubino's is a close approximation of) is in my experience more seasoned/spiced than the sauce encountered in Baltimore City.

        1. re: pizzablogger

          That sounds exactly like what i'm looking for. So, no go in Baltimore?

      3. Iggies on Calvert Street doesn't sell by the slice, but they have small pies. Thin crust and my favorite in town

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          For gourmet thin-crust pizza, Iggie's is the best, hands down. I love bringing a bottle of wine and sitting on the sidewalk on a summer night.

        2. I think the best pizza in town is Joe Squared. Thin crust, great ingredients.

          1. Fortunato's in the York Plaza strip mall (York and Gittings Avenue) has very good pizza by the slice.

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            1. re: kim2310

              Yeah, it ain't bad. And if you want to do a little mini-pizza tour Vito's in the strip mall next to Well's liquors right next to Fortunato's is pretty good too.

              1. re: kukubura

                Vito's is not bad! And it's always full of Loyola students, which is probably a sign that it has the stamp of approval of NY and NJ transplants.

                1. re: pomme de terre

                  Yeah I like it. I will say, however, that like so many slice joints in Baltimore, they cut their pie into 6 slices and not the 8 that I'm used to from growing up in NYC. So instead of walking to the pizzeria and eating 1/8-1/4 of a pie and then walking somewhere else, you drive to Vito's, eat a significantly larger 1/6-1/3 of a pie and then drive away. Guaranteed to contribute to making you a fat ass! Oh well.

                  1. re: pomme de terre

                    Spoke too soon. Had one of the worst pizzas of my life from Vito's a few days ago. Got a margarita pie to take home after work. When I got home I found a watery, flavorless pile. By then I was too tired to go back and complain. In my exhaustion I forgot the number one rule of living in Baltimore: Always inspect the merchandise before you leave. Sigh.

                    1. re: kukubura

                      kukubura, I'm assuming Vito's, like many NY pizza stores, offers a margarita where somewhat large sized whole milk mozzarella is put on after they cook the this correct?

                      If so, user malfunction. That whole milk mozzarella has much more moisture than the aged cheese usually used. The pizza goes in a box, gets steamed and the water from the mozzarella leaks out all over the place....making soggy areas watering down the pizza. It's happened to me before......had to learn the hard way it needs to be eaten fresh outta the oven >;(

                      1. re: kukubura

                        I KNOW, the customer service at NY pizza places is so congenial! So kind, they truly worry if there is moisture in the box or if your slice is perfect. PLEASE. Most of the crusts are like cardboard, no sauce unless you get it fresh fresh. NY pizza is in your head. I was there last week had pizza twice in four days. Nothing better than some places here.....Rocco's in GB is good So is Scittino's in Catonsville. Rhode Island has some pizza that is better than Ive had in NYC. Pizza is a personal taste.

                2. Iggies on Calvert Street has the best pizza in Baltimore. Try the 2009: hot sausage, peppers, and olives...Molto Bene!

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                  1. re: edresner

                    I also want to endorse Zella's pizza in Sowebo. It's a really cute place, with great, basic pizza. The sausage is especially excellent. While the crust isn't as thin as Iggie's, it was well-cooked and chewy. Seems like they use high-quality ingredients, too.