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Oooooo a PORK CSA in Brooklyn!

pitu Mar 23, 2010 06:17 AM

Ithaca farmers/charcuterie makers The Piggery are bringing their goods to Bierkraft in Park Slope, via an every-other-week pork CSA this summer.

191 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

  1. j
    jmasarek Apr 14, 2010 01:53 PM

    I found this meat share online, which can be all beef, pork or lamb, or a mix. The farm is located in upstate NY. The prices are extremely reasonable, and they ship to you once a month. We're giving it a go for the next session (pay by 4/30, starts June), so we'll see! I have high hopes!


    1. w
      Westminstress Mar 28, 2010 12:25 PM

      Thanks for the heads up ... I'm considering signing up for a quarter share. We have lots of great meat and fish options at our local greenmarket (Cortelyou Rd) but no pork.

      1. EJC Mar 23, 2010 08:50 AM

        The Piggery offered it over the winter with pickups at The Meat Hook in Williamsburg, and the inlaws purchased me a share for a Christmas gift.

        Now that it's over, I have a few thoughts...
        My share was weekly - every other week would help from the pork fatigue. Our small family of two has been successful making meat less of a priority, and despite my love of pork, had an impossible time trying to finish everything. We still have a ton of meat in the freezer.
        The unprocessed meat - top notch, but a bit of a rarity.
        You get a ton of processed stuff - deli meats, bacons, pates, terrines, rillettes, sausages, etc where the quality varies tremendously. It's all great meat, but some of the recipes seemed suspect.

        I'm not sure that I'd participate again, but that's because between the Greenmarket vendors and great butchers in BK who know the origins of their meat, it seems unncessary for me.

        The Meat Hook
        100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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        1. re: EJC
          pitu Mar 24, 2010 07:29 AM

          Every other week sounds good to me too. I had a share of a share of a quarter share this winter...which boiled down to a few dinner parties, delicious mousse pate and their bacon. (The other folks took the deli meats, which is not my thing.)

          I *really* love their bacon, which was the most delicious fresh-smokey thing I'd ever had. I ended up cooking with it as much as having it for breakfast. I still buy the occasional smoked ham hock from the Flying Pigs folks at the Greenmarket, the other gold standard pork I have access to, but the prices at the Greenmarket drive me off. The CSA is not cheap, but it works out to be less overall...or maybe it's the psychology of that system that works for me...

          Also love the pork chops, which are seriously top-notch. I'd be into more whole cuts as well. We're eating less meat, and trying not to eat anything from a factory farm, so this worked out to be pretty much the only meat source at my house. Wish they did lamb...

          1. re: pitu
            pitu Mar 27, 2010 04:37 AM

            Okay, I signed up. I'm getting a quarter share starting in June.
            I'm serious about the lamb -- if anyone hears of a lamb CSA in NYC, please post about it.

            1. re: pitu
              ljnd Mar 31, 2010 07:37 AM

              Pitu, I signed up too! I had emailed Heather based on her post to Brooklynian. I am VERY interested in a lamb CSA as well, so if you hear anything, let me know; and vice versa.

          2. re: EJC
            wew Mar 31, 2010 12:16 PM

            "...but some of the recipes seemed suspect. "

            Could you explain this?

            1. re: wew
              EJC Mar 31, 2010 04:35 PM

              We just found ourselves enjoying the unprocessed meat significantly more. I've had much better sausages at places like Flying Pigs and the Meat Hook.

              The Meat Hook
              100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

              1. re: EJC
                pitu Apr 3, 2010 05:17 AM

                There's flyers about the CSA over at Bierkraft now.

                I saw them last night when I got a Meat Hook brat (bierkraft's new menu item, totally delicious) and I'll agree that The Hook makes better sausage. But I liked what I had from Piggery too...part of what I got excited about w Piggery was chorizo made from good sources. It's way better than the chorizo the Lancaster farmers attempt - which is what we get at the Park Slope Food Coop - but not as brilliant as the Meat Hook's.

                Park Slope Food Coop
                782 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                191 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

                The Meat Hook
                100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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