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Mar 23, 2010 05:57 AM

Bachelorette Party in Playa Del Carmen

I am headed to Playa for a bachelorette party at the end of April and am looking for a place for dinner that's good for a group of about 10 girls. Any recommendations? I'd prefer a place that isn't too touristy and has great food. Thanks!

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  1. I would say Cactus, great little place run by a French woman, an ex-pat. Her restaurant is cute, and you'll have the run of the place with 10 ladies. Great food.Mexican, International.
    Corner of 30th Avenue and 20th Street

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      Testing... why are my Mexico and Belize posts today not appearing? Is it because I am acquainted with the owners of the last eight or ten of the restos I mentioned? I like to meet owners wherever I travel. I wasted a lot of time trying to be helpful today and it is deflating. I have no agenda beyond sharing pleasant experiences, and I speak up when I know someone shills.

    2. Jamie, what type of great food are you looking for? Would you like "continental", Mexican, Italian, steak, or other? Would you like a place where your party can be separated from the normal restaurant patrons, or just in a large table in the middle of a place?

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        I think something Mexican would be our preference but we are all fairly adventurous eaters. A large table in the middle of a place would be fine, we dont need a private space. Thanks!

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          My initial thought, since I suspect you are not familiar with Playa, is Carboncitos. It is a Mexican grilled food restaurant, specializing in, but not limited to, al Pastor dishes. It is easy to find on Calle 4 about 50 feet west of 5th Avenue. They have a web site, mostly for their hotel, at They also have a rooftop lounge/dining room with a great view of Cozumel.
          A couple of more upscale and expensive places would be Ajua Maya and Yaxche( They both claim to offer Mayan cuisine. IMHO, neither restaurant has good food. Yaxche, located on Calle 8 between 5th and 10th Aves, has a beautiful interior courtyard and offers a fantastic flaming coffee drink called a Mayan sacrifice. Ajua Maya is located on Calle 4 between 5th and 10th Aves and has live music nightly.
          I recommend contacting the restaurants by email to see what they can offer and get approximates costs. Also, I suspect that reservations would be needed for a party of 10.

      2. I would recommend Ajua Maya on Calle 4 just off 5th Ave. It's a very fun place for a party. The waiters are very entertaining! And they have a great Latin band that plays nightly. And there food is very good! Just a fun atmosphere all around. Have fun!

        1. I would recommend Playacrawl hands down for this type of event. I had my Bachelorette party in Playa del Carmen and we did the Playacrawl, we had a blast! Its like a bar hopping tour but they take you to clubs, and its all you can drink all night. So imagine all of my friends very "happy" going from dance floor to dance floor. You can learn more about them at , hope this helps :)