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Mar 23, 2010 05:19 AM

Road Trip from Dallas to McAlester OK

We are going to visit my folks in southeastern Oklahoma, I've never been there. Flying into DFW, then driving up I-75 tp McAlester. Any suggestions for somewhere special to eat along the way? The day of travel happens to be my husbands birthday.

Also any suggestions for bbq in Dallas for when we return?

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  1. I have driven that route many, many times. There may be a "special" restaurant somewhere along that stretch of highway but, if there is, I sure haven't found it.

    Your best bet is probably going to be around Sherman, TX, which is the largest metropolitan area you drive through. I often stop there for the night on my way from South Texas to Springfield, MO. I did try to find some nice restaurants, but I finally gave up. If anyone in your family likes chain restaurants, arrayed along 75 are all of the usual suspects: Red Lobster, Johnny Carino's, Texas Roadhouse, El Chico, Olive Garden, Chili's, etc.

    However, up nearby your destination of McAlester, is the delightful little town of Krebs, Oklahoma. It was settled by Italian coal miners, and still retains that Italian flare. Folks drive from all over the state to eat at one of the many Italian restaurants. There are large, fancy, "event" type restaurants such as Isle of Capri and Pete's Place. A smaller, more homey restaurant, and the one that locals (and I) frequent, is Rosanna's. But nobody would mistake the atmosphere in Rosanna's as "special." For a group celebrating a birthday, you'd probably be much happier at Pete's.

    Also in Krebs is Lovera Italian Deli and Grocery Store. This place is a "do not miss" for me on my trips through town. They're famous for cheese and sausage. In addition, they have a large selection of jarred and canned and other imported items. I always take a small cooler with me so that I can pick up some of their frozen homemade prepared foods, like meatballs, lasagna, etc., to take home.,_O...

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      Thank you, I think we will schedule our departure from Dallas a little later-take the kids to the Dealey Plaza so we get to Krebs by dinnertime.

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        If you're going to Pete's Place, you'll probably need reservations. I'd advise you to call them just in case.

        The restaurant is kind of interesting - it's a bunch of basically private rooms. So when they tell you you're in a private room, that's because almost everybody is.

    2. D Magazine just did a big report on bbq in the DFW area that makes for interesting reading.

      If you haven't already I'd post on the Dallas-Fort Worth board about the Dallas portion of your trip.

      1. Not sure if you've already taken this trip, but I just did it again today.

        The Choctaw Nation has been VERY busy in Oklahoma just across the state line from Texas and there is now a huge resort, with casinos and what must be several hundred hotel rooms and more going up.

        I'm sure there are several restaurants in that complex. I haven't tried any of them, but they might be worth checking out.