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Mar 23, 2010 02:15 AM

Chicago style pizza

staying in london for a couple of months.does anyone know if you can get chicago style pizza's anywhere???


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  1. Erm, Chicago?

    Unless by "Chicago style pizza" you mean fish and chips. We have them. And probably roast beef as well.

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      That made me chuckle alexdz. Tbh OP I think the general consensus on this board is that there are a very small handful among the many places in this city which serve something approximating pizza which are worth seeking out, and all of those are neopolitan. Also London, as it's often remarked, has terrible American food, barely even a decent burger, so something so specific as "chicago style pizza" (never had it, not sure i'd survive the experience) in london is unlikely to be any good. There used to be a particularly gloomy chain call Deep Dish Pizza co. whose adverts suggested they produced something approximating chicago pies, but thankfully that business seems to be long gone.

    2. I Googled and came up with this - don't know if it's still in business or how good it might be. Chicago-style pizza isn't found in too many places other than Chicago. :-) They sell it in supermarkets but I fear it's like the 'American-style' hamburgers and other atrocities that use that moniker just to make a buck (make that several pounds).

      Try some of the good London pizza.. as in Franco Manca. People here seem thrilled with it, including those from over 'there.'

      1. i visted london in the early 90'S in goldhawk rd ( nr shepherds bush ) there was a small pizza shop called THE HAT SHOP which done a half decent pizza pie . I am told that it closed down many years ago. oh well i just have to wait till i go home thanks anyway

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        1. re: THEBADGER

          I've been lucky enough to enjoy the Gino's East pizza experience, so I'd definitely recommend that you avoid trying to recreate it and just enjoy what London does well - otherwise you'll be in for lots of disappointment. In pizza terms, you can get nice italian-style pizza (though if anyone knows somewhere in London that does a proper potato and rosemary pizza I'd love to know). Just whatever you do, don't buy the frozen pizzas that billl themselves as deep-dish, it's nothing like the proper Chicago style.

          1. re: THEBADGER

            I actually worked at the Shepherd's Bush Hat Shop in about 1980 or 1981. In fact, I was working there before and during its opening. The theme was that from the street it looked like a women's boutique. But inside it was a speakeasy, serving...Chicago-style pizza. (As a New Jersey native, the very idea of calling this deep dish stuff "pizza" was, and is, repugnant, but that's another story...) They used the converted front half of a '57 Chevy to use as a salad bar. The cook was an Italian guy who was teaching himself English by reading The Times every day. And there was a really nice French girl who waited tables! I'm certain they hired me for my American accent mostly.
            The question is...why on earth would you want to seek out Chicago "pizza" while in London?

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