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Mar 23, 2010 01:05 AM

Anyone had any crawfish this season?

Its almost Easter which means it's time for me to go to town on a few pounds of crawfish. Have any of you guys had any recently? I have read that the late freezes really hurt the harvest this year. Everyone that I talked to that had their boils during Mardi Gras said that the bugs are much smaller now than they were the same time last year. I was hoping that someone on here has purchased some in the last few weeks and could fill me in on the size of those suckers. The ones I bought last year were huge. Ive been thinking about those for the last couple of days and I can't wait to make a return trip. If they are as small as ive heard that they are, then I dont even know if its worth the trip. Thanks in advance for your help....

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  1. Haven't been to a boil this year, but I went to Pappadeaux last week and they're as small as you've heard. Got a couple huge ones now and then, though majority was tiny compared what we'd had this time a year ago.

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      We ordered Pappadeaux's boiled crawfish and I was really disappointed with the size.

    2. I was at the DFM on Friday and the lady who brings in shrimp had some huge mudbugs for $3.69/pound. If I was buying, that would be where I'd go.

      1. I was afraid of that. I was at Hooter's around 3 weeks ago and they had crawfish on the menu for a limited time only. All I can eat there is wings and I didnt trust a Hooter's boil, so I passed. The guy at the table beside me got a plate and they were tiny. I was hoping that was just Hooter's being a rip off. I guess not.

        I may give the DFM a shot. Last year I went to the Bayou Market in Lewisville and the bugs were all at least 5-6 inches long. They are a lot closer to me so it wouldnt be too much trip if I go and they arent up to snuff. They spoiled me last year. I want each crawdad to have at least a true bite of meat in it.

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        1. re: down73

          3 weeks ago was too early in the season, they didn't start to get the good ones until a week or two ago because of the late freeze. I've had some disappointing crawfish so far this season, but have some more places I want to try.

          1. re: luniz

            I am still waiting a few more weeks since we still had some late freezes. I am thinking another week or so. Maybe Jon from TJ's can give us some insite. But the crawfish I have seen as of just a day or so ago have still been on the smallish side.

            1. re: DallasDude

              we may have had freezes but that doesn't mean Louisiana did. I'm not sure either way but I haven't heard that they are having trouble meeting demand now.

              1. re: DallasDude

                No lie, the bugs I saw last Saturday at DFM were some of the largest I have seen any time of season.

          2. - In Lewisville, TX has crawfish in BULK if needed..
            $3.99 lb for fresh - $5.99 lb for Boiled and $4.99 for 10+ lbs of boiled. They can also get 30 lb. bags of crawfish in bigger bulk quanities...

            Pappadeaux has the best deal right now thru the middle of April @ $3.99 a pound but I am not sure how big they are or the quality.

            If you are the one who likes Crab Legs, Oysters, Shrimp, and or Crawfish - there is a all you can eat place in Lewisville that has it all for $9.99 called China Dragon just off of I-35 and Corprate Drive. They have the seafood from 5pm to close every night!!

            I get the crab & shrimp and pile it high...

            1. I had some at the Nate's in Addison a couple of weeks ago.

              A group of us long time crawfish eaters all agreed there were a lot of small ones, the size you typically see in December and January.

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              1. re: Scagnetti

                I was just there this weekend, out of the pound I had, 2-3 were good sized and there were a half dozen that really weren't worth the effort.

                1. re: luniz

                  I have been hitting Nates at least once a week and peer over the shoulders of mudbug eaters hoping to see some noticable change in sizes. No luck thus far, sad season.

                  1. re: luniz

                    We had a few good sized ones too but more than a dozen that were so small and soft you couldn't even get the tail meat out.

                    I think they purposely put a few big ones in each order to avoid the "why are they so small" comments.

                    I've noticed over many years of going to Nate's that the supply, size and quality of crawfish can vary widely from year to year. I guess it's due to weather.

                    1. re: Scagnetti

                      the smaller crawfish should be used for etouffee, which they said they weren't serving for whatever reason - I guess they only do boiled "in season".