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Sona Blackboard deal worth it?

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A few weeks ago, I signed up to get the coupon deal that Sona was offering on blackboard - a free bottle of wine (either chardonnay or pinot noir) with the purchase of an entree. I have never been to Sona, but have heard some good things over the years (I'd never had the justification to pay those prices to go). But a free bottle of wine sounds like a pretty good deal. Has anybody used that coupon yet? Do you actually get a decent bottle? Is Sona worth going to regardless?

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  1. Do you have the mail that came with that coupon?
    If you do, please post. It'll be interesting to see what they meant by "a free bottle of wine".
    Kind of a very wide & open concept.

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      I remember this promo from blackboard. As expected, the specific wine was not mentioned; just a choice of chardonnay or pinot.

      1. re: vinosnob

        That being the case, my suggestion to the OP would be to abstain: they're luring you in with a $5.00 bait.

        1. re: RicRios

          That's what I'm sort of hesitant about. I did, however, check their winelist online, and it looks like they don't have any wines for less than $50 a bottle, so even if they give you one of those it seems like a pretty good deal. Unless they have some real cheapos that they're only giving out for this specific deal. I made a reservation anyway, and I guess I'll try it out and report back what I find.

    2. So we decided instead to go to the Hatchi series that Breadbar in Century City is having tomorrow night. Chef Kuniko Yagi from Sona is the guest chef for the evening! It sounds like a good menu, 8 dishes each for $8. If we get all of them and a bottle of wine, that I think would still come out to less than a night out with a free bottle at Sona. But maybe if Chef Yagi really wows us we still have a week left to use that coupon.

      401 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90048

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        If you enjoyed the meal at Breadbar, you should definitely check out Sona. I ate there this past Sat with my boyfriend, and it was one of the better meals I've had in LA. We had the 9 course tasting menu, which ended up being 18 courses shared as it was in tandem. The wine was pretty good for a free bottle. I thought the meal alone was worth it. Chef Meyers was there that night and came out at the end of the evening to thank us for coming.

        401 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90048

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          So you two ordered and shared/split 1 tasting menu? Was that enough food for the both of you? And they were accommodating to it? That seems like a good idea that my gf and I have always wanted to try somewhere, but always thought it was something we weren't supposed to do. I'd love to hear some more details. Thanks!

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            I think the OP is saying they each got a 9 course menu, which was different for each, so they got to try 18 courses total.

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            What was the wine??