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Mar 22, 2010 10:35 PM

Coffee in Calgary

Which place is better for latte's and drinks in general- Caffe Crema or Kawa?

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  1. Wow, those are MILES apart- Kawa is just south of downtown at 1333 8 St SW, and Crema is WAAAAAAY down south- the cross street for Kawa is 14th Ave SW and for Crema it's something like 162nd Ave SW! There are oodles of coffeehouses closer to Kawa for comparisons, including Insomnia, downtown in the Burns Bldg off Olympic Plaza- I mention it because it uses the same coffees as does Crema (Fratello, with the Competition Blend for espresso). Anyway to my understanding Crema is a wonderful coffeehouse and a great boon to the far south suburbs, so you can't really go wrong either place as Kawa is also outstanding.

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      Wow! So strange! I live in a condo just off 17th Avenue SW and my favourite coffee shop is Kawa. Recently, due to a death in the family, I have been living on a farm just south of the city and my favourite coffee shop is Crema. Not just because it is the closest one to me but because it is really really good. I would not want to have to choose between the two. So I don’t. When I am at the condo I go to Kawa and when I am on the farm I go to Crema.