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Mar 22, 2010 08:44 PM

I am arriving into Honolulu at 730pm any good resturants still open?

I am arriving into Honolulu from the mainland and I am looking for any good resturants ( dive or not ). I am in Honolulu overnight before continuing to the big island and just want to have a good meal while on Oahu. I will be staying near the Fort De Russy area and looking for a spot open at least past 10pm. I have a flight in the morning any good places for a authentic Hawaiian breakfast? Thanks for the responces.

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  1. There is a few great places for you, since you ave lucked out in your location of your hotel. There is " The Wailana " that has one awesome breakfast, 2 scambled eggs, hashed browns with grilled bananas on them, and whole wheat toast. for lunch there is a vast number of restaurants in Ala Moana Center. They all stay open at different times, however, once you get in your room, you will see a great deal of choices for you to choose from.

    Remeber, if you eat Kosher, do not eat Luau, Kalua, Pipi kaula, or any other meat you cannot recognize.Most of what is cooked in an emu pit is Pork, however there is a great deal of freash fish to choose from, and I believe that you will be pleasently surprised at the variety, and ways of cooking it.

    Aloha No A Hui Ho,

    Ala Moana Center
    1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814

    1. 24/7 at the other end od Kuhio near the Zoo will suit your needs

      1. there are a bunch of places to eat in the beachwalk/fort derussy area that are open till 10 or later.

        for breakfast Wailana Coffee Shop is open 24 hours. Eggs n Things no longer has adventurous hours (sigh) now open from 6-2 and 5-10. not sure what you mean by "authentic" hawaiian breakfast. we pretty much eat the same things for breakfast here as most places. you won't be finding poi or pipikaula on any breakfast menu's i know of.

        will you have a car or are you cabbing/walking? that would change the attraciveness of various options greatly.

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          Nope, will be walking and cabbing it. Just looking for a simple hawaiian breakfast (hopfully not loaded of a word).

        2. You might consider the diner counter at Liliha bakery (my fav, but not in the nicest part of town) or the Side Street Inn (for huge plates of "bar" food). YUM.

          Side Street Inn
          1225 Hopaka St, Honolulu, HI

          1. Here would be my choices: for the evening Sam Choy's Breakfast Lunch Crab on Nimitz
            and for breakfast the next morning, would go to Nico Pier 38 on the way back to the airport. Both places are ONO, good luck and aloha.