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Mar 22, 2010 07:07 PM

Holy Smoke!

Can someone tell me about the BBQ joint?

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  1. Do you mean Wilson's Holy Smoke in CT? If so there is a post on the New England board about it. If this is another place... WHERE??? I'd love to hear about it.

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      There's another Holy Smoke BBQ in Mahopac

    2. Sorry I've never been there but I have heard positive things about it.

      1. If you are talking about the one in Mahopac, it's pretty good, but I am not the best person to judge since I've only had chicken there and am not a BBQ expert by any means. Sides are good.

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            Here's the deal on Holy Smoke. Real smoked BBQ, sauce on after it's cooked. Very good. The sides are mediocre to poor. The Corn Muffins are cold and tough, every time I have been there. The best beer selection around. Service is so so, but it's a BBQ place.

            1. re: winston1

              Went to Holy Smoke for the 1st time last night. While I realize it's a BBQ "joint" it was dirty. We were seated at a round table in the corner and all of our chairs had food on them from the previous diners. They have squeeze bottles on the tables with sauce etc and they were dirty. I was seated next to a window and I turned around to look outside and there were ants on the sill. Our waitress was extremely nice but we only saw her 2 times and we had to beg for more to drink.

              Food was HUGE portions, HUGE. My babyback ribs were good and I loved the coleslaw. My brisket was soso and had no flavor at all until I drowned it in sauce.

              I don't think we will go back. Be prepared, this place was LOUD, I mean LOUD.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I had lunch a couple weeks ago at Holy Smoke.

            First impressions:
            - odd smell, possibly from the stuff they use to smoke because it smelled like wood and chemicals
            -ambiance is like a typical bbq joint, warm and a bit kitschy, but it feels very old
            -We were there at 2pm on a Sunday and there were 4 other groups of diners there. There was only one waitress for everyone but I found her to be slow in getting us menus/bringing food.

            - Standard bbq menu
            - Delicious St. Louis ribs. Quite possibly the most tender (and fattiest) ribs I have ever had. They were also much smokier tasting than other ribs I've had (like Dinosaur bbq which I think are much sweeter and saucier).
            - Pulled pork was good
            - Sweet potato fries came out cold
            - Cornbread was cold and hard, as someone else pointed out
            - Chili was delicous
            - BBQ "Spring Rolls" were very heavy but tasty, like a much better version of Chii's southwestern egg rolls
            - 2 of the people in my party ordered burgers and didn't like them (serves them right for getting burgers at a ribs place). But on the bright side they said they had the best french fries they'd ever had.

            Overall I really enjoyed the food. It was so so SO fatty though and I felt full for a full 5 hours after eating there even though I shared with someone. The portions are HUGE. I would go back there for bbq, but probably no more than once every few months because the food there is seriously heavy.