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Mar 22, 2010 07:02 PM

Toaster oven

What do you make in your toaster oven? I finish off fritatta's in there and make some fish fillets. I need some ideas. Thanks.

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  1. A couple of years ago there was a thread about soft-cooking eggs in the T.O. I tried it and discovered that a couple of runs on the toast cycle did the job with my particular T.O.
    I placed the eggs at the rear so I could do the English muffin at the same time.

    People often freeze cookie dough in logs or balls so they can make a few fresh-baked cookies on short notice. I do fruit crisps in mine.

    Reheating pizza, of course, and other fast foods like burritos, quesadillas, leftover french fries. My mother never took to the microwave very well, but liked her prepared food frozen entrees done in the T.O. It saves energy to do the fish sticks and the shake n' bake in the T.O rather than the full-size oven, if you're only doing a couple of portions.

    Lots of ideas here:

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      tell me more about this. you just put the eggs in the TO? no pan, no water?

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          thanks. can't wait to try it. i also do bacon in my toaster oven. i have a pan from a previous TO that has a rack. about 20 minutes at 350, a little windex and a paper towel to wipe the grease off the window and good to go.

    2. Depending on the size and features, I've known cooks who bake bread in them. My FIL (who is 93) cooks everything from steak to potatoes in his. Unless it's just a little horizontal toaster that doesn't have any level of sophistication in its controls, anything you can bake or broil (OK, you ain't gonna get a 25 pound turkey in there ;>}) should work out just fine.

      1. I make lots of stuff in the toaster oven, especially in summer when 100+ temps prevent me from wanting to turn on the big oven. Like todao said, almost anything you can make in the oven can be made in a toaster oven if it's on the larger side and has some advanced settings. Tuna pita melts, pita pizzas, quesadillas or cheese crisps, stuffed mushrooms, broiled meats (sausages, pork chops, chicken legs), and oven fries are the most common items I use it for. I also do the cookie thing greygarious mentioned. It's so good to be able to toss in a few balls of cookie dough and have a few fresh cookies.

        1. Eggs in a ramekin

          Baked potatoes or yams

          Cornbread and muffins




          1. I reheat leftovers, roast garlic, make toasted melty sandwiches and thaw frozen bits.