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Mar 22, 2010 06:53 PM

organic cottage cheese

Today's stupid question: yesterday I bought some organic low fat cottage cheese - i think the brand is Nancy's - instead of my usual Breakstone. Had some this morning and it tasted . . . odd. Sour. Not like sour milk, but like someone had mixed some sour cream into it. I'm guessing it was fine, i.e. not spoiled, since it didn't make me sick, but I didn't exactly love the taste. so I'm wondering if that's the way organic cottage cheese is supposed to be, and if yes what's different about it versus the usual super market brands.

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  1. If it is indeed Nancy's, I don't think it's so much an issue of it being organic as the cultures used on this brand of cottage cheese. From the company's website :

    Nancy's Cottage Cheese tastes tart in comparison to other brands of cottage cheese - why is that?

    Nancy's lowfat cottage cheese has a fully cultured old-fashioned flavor. We set our cottage cheese with four strains of lactic cultures, the same ones used for sour cream, instead of coagulants like rennet. We allow them to grow slowly to maximize the tangy sour-cream-like flavor and increase it's digestibility. We use probiotic cultures in the dressing for additional health benefits.

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      Right. Nancy's isn't typical of cottage cheese -- organic or not. If you want some organic cottage cheese that tastes just like "regular" cottage cheese, try Trader Joe's.

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        Saw this topic and was going to suggest TJ's as well! Great price too.

    2. Nancy's is a cultured product, as the other posters have noted. That's the reason I love it--I find most other cottage cheese to be quite "bleh" now. FWIW, Nancy's non-organic cottage cheese is also cultured and it has that same tangy quality. It has nothing to do with the "organicness" and everything to do with the "culturedness".

      Also, I've eaten Trader's Point organic cottage cheese--a creamline product, but not cultured. Wonderful flavor, but not tangy like Nancy's.

      1. Thanks, everyone, for doing my research for me :). Looks like I just need to try a different organic brand, because I am not fond of the tang.

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          Curious, where did your purchase this brand, Nancy's? Aside TJ's, was it Whole Foods?
          I've never bought anything bought Breakstone 2% myself! Tangy/sour-tasting cottage cheese sounds weird to me. I don't think I would like that taste-wise (being well-used to B-Stones..

        2. cookie, if you ever get any more tangy cottage cheese, send it here! I can't buy it in my immediate locale, so I stock up when I'm at the co-op or WF. I don't even eat the other stuff anymore, it's so bland.

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          1. re: nofunlatte

            Oh, was hoping WF wouldn't be the answer! Guess I'll be sticking with B-Stones!
            Thanks for information on Nancy's Cottage Cheese. or maybe I can try it sometime before I plunk down $4 or so dollars for a tub..

            1. re: HungryinBmore

              It is pricey, Bmore--occasionally on sale at WF for $3.00/tub (still more than your other cc, though). Pricey enough that it's not an everyday sort of purchase for me, but rather an occasional splurge. And it's a bit of an acquired taste. I like tangy yogurt, so this wasn't much of a stretch for me to like. But it doesn NOT taste like Breakstones.

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                Have you ever looked at the ingredients in other cottage cheese besides Nancy's. Guar gum, soy lecithin, xantham gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum. They may say they're organic but there are all those other additives. Organic doesn't necessarily mean its a health product.

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                  And the use of plant-based stabiiizers and thickeners don't necessarily mean a product is unhealthy.