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Mar 22, 2010 05:40 PM

Atlantic City

I'm gonna be attending a food show @ the convention center on Wednesday and wanna have an early (5:30) dinner before getting out of town. Where do I go????

Looking for virtually any cuisine, at any price point. Somewhat of a special occasion (for my wife and I.....not just the show) no food carts or sub shops please. That's more for my gambling trips with the boys...

Not interested in Stephen Starr...I'm closer to Philly and have had enough of his stuff.


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  1. Bobby Flay's steak restaurant can offer a good experience and dining at the bar.

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    1. re: tommy

      Dining at the bar does not spell special to me. Grease, this is a topic often here; have your searched?

      Wednesday is soon and with a food show in town, reservations that may normally be open midweek might fill up. I am very partcial to the Borgata.

      1. re: Quine

        if the criteria for "special" was "no food carts or subs," as it was, i figured i could throw it out there and let the OP decide for himself.

        to me, it is special, as the experience is almost always better at the bar, especially at Bobby Flay's.

          1. re: Quine

            I have searched....and to my suprise, did not find very much. As far as tommys' comment....I agree, dining at the bar isn't for me, but Bobby Flay's is very interesting. At least he actually made a reccomendation. You like the Borgata......any restaurant in particular? They have a few.

            1. re: GreaseFire

              I am partial, a family member is an executive chef there. I alway eat that the buffet. That would not suit your "special meal" requirement I believe. I had a most amazing dinner at Sea Blue.

              1. re: Quine

                I've heard both good and bad about SeaBlue...though I've had Mina's food elsehwere and loved it. Might give it a shot. Thanks!

              2. re: GreaseFire

                My fave at the Borgata is Wolfgang Pucks. They have a tavern area where the food is more casual and a fine dining area where the food is more upscale. I liked the steaks there more than I did at Bobby Flays.

                1. re: scrappyone

                  My favorite at the Borgata is Bobby Flay's Steakhouse. I have had wonderful meals there and would recommend it in a heartbeat. Since you are dining at 5:30, you should have no problem getting a reservation. Most people in AC tend to eat later in the evening.

                  1. re: Applecheeks

                    Another fan of both Bobby Flay's and Wolfgang Puck's. My honey and I have enjoyed dinner at both bars (app, entrees, desserts, bottle of vino) and had a great evening, but that's our preference. We've also enjoyed both dining rooms with larger groups on many occasions. Check out their menus and pick what interests you most, can't go wrong with either.

                    Also at the Borgata, I'd stay away from Mina's. Overpriced and rather mediocre. We went once and never went back. Where as we've been to BF's and WP's too many times to remember. Old Homestead is a more classic NY steakhouse and was OK but nothing special to get a return visit.

      2. I reccommend Fornelletto at The Borgata. Food is execellent. They have something called "Wine Down Wednesdays" -- for customers who sit at the bar they offer specials on small plates and featured wines.

        1. hey ill be in atlantic city soon also. what do u guys think of knife and fork inn? i like their menu a lot. i'm from nyc so i've already done old homestead.

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          1. re: daffyduck

            Wife and I went to Knife and Fork for lunch. We just had sandwiches ( very good) but a couple sitting near us had the salmon, which looked great. Apparently the salmon is a great choice for lunch there. Think it was $ 15-17, but looked terrific.

          2. looks like almost everyone jumped to casinos. We still like The Old Waterway Inn and Angeloni's.

            Old Waterway Inn
            1660 W Riverside Dr, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

            1. id recommend docks oyster house.. i was recently there for a birthday dinner, and they were very accommodating. the food is top notch as well

              if you can get a reservation at chef volas do it

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              1. re: boodie1821

                would u rank chef vola higher than knife and fork inn, docks oyster house, bobby flay and the other restaurants in town

                  1. re: boodie1821

                    i usually judge a restaurant by it's menu. but i can't find their menu online. could you give me the scope on chef volas, like what are some of the dishes they have and what do you recommend. and are they stronger in pastas or seafood?

                    1. re: daffyduck

                      they are strong in all aspects of their menu. it is italian american, byob...
                      i usually get the filet mignon, as it is prob the best ive ever had. you cant go wrong with anything though