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Mar 22, 2010 04:37 PM

Need a single classic martini glass (Berkeley-Pinole area)

I tried Target and K-Mart. They only sell boxes of eight

The Pinole 99 cent store only had an odd shape

I only need one glass. A box of 2 would work. No box with more than four. Storage is the issue.

Doesn't need to be fancy, just basic, classic shape.

It is a gift for a five year old. Here's the story

Plastic might work, and I'll do that if desparate. However, the kid has style and i don't think she would be pleased by that. Will be giving it to her with a pint of strawberry ice cream.

Does anyone remember seeing one in a market such as Safeway. Liquor stores? Any other places you can think of?

I'm kind of pressed for time so I more interested in places that you are positive that sell them singly. General suggestions are nice, but i simply don't have much spare time to follow a lot of leads

I might be in SF Wednesday, but it would need to be near the Russian section on Geary.

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  1. Crate and Barrel outlet on 4th St. in Berkeley will almost definitely have them, and you can buy them singly.

    1. Bev Mo at 1220 Fitzgerald Drive in Pinole has them on their web site. Classic and a "mini" 3 oz. Might be fun for a 5 year old. To save time, you may want to call & verify 510.669.1331. And yes, singles, $2.99 for the classic, not sure about the mini.

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      1. re: tomatoaday

        Thanks all. This really helped me out.

        I went with BevMo in Albany. It was the mention of the mini martini glass that intrigued me. I think it will be more her speed and it is sturdier.

        So I bought one regular Martinin glass AND a mini.

        What made this worse is that while packing up the last of my stuff, I found a small packet of cocktail umbrellas she can use to stick in her scoop of ice cream.

        Unfortunatly, I didn't have the time to give her the gift myself, but gave them to her grandfather to give her.

        I still feel like I'm grooming a future bar fly with this ... especially those umbrellas. I see her at 21 perched on a bar stool drinking flavored martinis that have umbrellas in them.

        1. re: rworange

          Don't worry about the glass nor the time she hits 21 she'll probably be drinking martini's through an app in her iphone.

      2. Perhaps the Crate & Barrel outlet in Berkeley? I am not positive, but I'm sure you could call to check. I seem to recall that they sell single glasses. The Crate & Barrel website (regular store, not outlet) has many single martini glasses.

        1. @rw: I am sure you're a well loved regular @ many local and far flung eateries...why not go to your favorite watering hole and see if they'll sell you a glass. This was the type of thing that as an owner, I would be happy to do. Good luck.. adam

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          1. re: adamshoe

            Cost Plus(Oakland)sells them singly.I bought pretty ones with a yellow stem and base for my sister's baby shower.They came clear and in other colors.Wide mouthed and perfect for your little friend's sorbet trio,strawberry ice cream or other fantasies.Nice gesture!

          2. BevMo for sure. They don't sell actual classic martini glasses (the small kind), they do have what one thinks is a Martini glass these days. By the each.