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Mar 22, 2010 04:27 PM

Does anybody know any Unusual/Unique food/restaurants places in Montreal?

hi there

I'm looking for a place to dine that's unusual.. weird/unique foods that' different from the rest.

Unusual/weird/unique foods or/and unusual/weird/unique restaurant/ambience


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    1. re: blond_america

      Yeah, the original post is a good one too:

      Eccentric Montreal - Finding the Strange & Unusual

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Afghan restaurant on Duluth, I think it is called's great but from what I can remember, not vegetarian friendly.....lots of lamb and rice or lamb and beef dishes. Oh and it's a bring your own wine.

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        1. re: a_arazi

          Khyber Pass is correct name of the restaurant.

          1. re: a_arazi

            Although Afghan cooking is pretty meat-centred, as I recall they have a very good vegetarian plate at Khyber Pass.

            Remember that they have another branch in Laval, a good change for people up there.

            Khyber Pass
            1694 Boul Saint-Martin W, Laval, QC H7S1M9, CA

          2. O.Noir has been on my list of places to try for unusual restaurant experiences. You eat in the dark and are served by blind staff. I haven't been yet, but it's been favourably reviewed in the press. You rely on heightening your other senses - smell, taste, sounds for the dining experience. Does anyone know more about this restaurant? I also hear there are more places like this restaurant in Toronto, New York and Europe.

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            1. re: VinnyRW

              i've been there several years ago. The experience is quite something, but it's expensive for what you pay for though. The food is decent, not mind blowing, not worth the money but I would put this restaurant under the: "I went there just to say i tried it but won't go back" category, just because of the experience. Try going with a few people, and try to propose a toast, it's quite something!

            2. Wildest place that comes to mind is Jolifou, with it's playroom decor and French-Latin fusion menu..