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Mar 22, 2010 03:55 PM

Sabrett Hot Dog Stand in Clairmont

I spotted a Sabrett hot dog stand on the South East corner of Clairmont Mesa Blvd. and Genesee. Has anyone tried it, or know the hours? I would have stopped but I was on a tight schedule.

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  1. Good dogs, typically open til about 3pm it seems, $1.50 each if I remember correctly. Sabretts are really good wieners as you know, I'll usually get one plain, one w/kraut and dress the mustard at home.

    1. I stopped by the Sabrett stand yesterday taking deckape's advice and grabbing two dogs to go and dress at home. The details on the stand are:

      Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm.

      Hot Dogs are $2.50

      Sauerkraut, Chili, and a Special Red Sauce as well as the usual hot dog accoutrements are available upon request.

      The proprietor is a really nice Grandmother. The dogs were very good and had that signature Sabrett's snap that I love.

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      1. re: Captain Jack

        they have the special red onion sauce? I used to order this stuff online. Damn I have to give this spot a drive by

        1. re: deeznuts

          I bought the red onion sauce in a jar @ Frazier Farms in Vista. It's Boars Head brand tho...still, it has that taste

          1. re: deeznuts

            FYI, the Sprouts Farmers Market in Carmel Mountain sells Sabrett products: franks (skinless/natural casing), mustard, kraut, and red onion sauce. Picked it all up since I haven't had a chance to try out the cart.

          1. Yes, she does have the red onion sauce and it's delicious. She is now open on Saturdays as well from 9-3:30pm. Check them out.

            1. Sounds like a game changer to me. Only question is, do I eat it instead of Chinese/Dim Sum, when I am in the area, or do I use it as an appetizer to stimulate the burning of fat before preparing my stomach for the onslaught that the chinese food will bring? Incidentally, I would like to post separately, but I am running out of time --- so chowhounds beware: Dedes Tea Juice City on Convoy has changed hands and is no longer as good.