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Mar 22, 2010 03:23 PM

Wonderful dessert in a great location?

My niece just turned 14 and as one of her gifts I thought it would be cool to take her for a really memorable dessert in a location that would give good food memories for (hopefully) years to come.
I think it's important to turn kids onto fun/elegant things while they're still figuring out what they like and dislike so what are your candidates for sophisticated wow desserts? Sadly the one thing she cannot stand is chocolate!

The issue of whether dinner would have to be a part of this in order to get to the dessert is a secondary consideration.

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  1. Tea @ Nottes Bon Ton might be a little antiquated/fussy but you never know.

    The pastries/cakes aren't overly sweet which some people prefer.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Yes, it is a bit antiquated for my taste. I'm thinking a hotel, perhaps something like the Wedgewood definitely has the setting. Maybe the tea they do there might be fun.

      Otherwise there have to be restaurants that do really impressive desserts, even some of the old school table-side classics like Crepe Suzettes or Bananas Foster...

      1. re: eatrustic

        I say Market. Stylish all around. Good food and the deserts are excellent.

        1. re: fmed

          Interesting you mention that as we will be having a family celebration there in April so I'll definitely pay attention to the desserts.

          1. re: eatrustic

            They have a limited selection (usually a selection of about three), but all good (the ones I have tried are the Apple Crisp, the Cheesecake, and Chocolate pudding). They have these great house-made sodas too, BTW.

          2. re: fmed

            And how can I forget Chambar:
            I have been there with my kids a number of times (girls now 9 and 12) and they were always treated with a great deal of respect. They felt so grown up.

          3. re: eatrustic

            Hy's Steakhouse prepares Bananas Foster tableside.

        2. How about the Chocoholic's Buffet at the Sutton Place?

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          1. re: Quattrociocchi

            No dice, as I mentioned at the start she hates chocolate (hard to believe and shakes my faith in humanity but there it is).

          2. My favourite dessert place is Sweet Obsession. Not a super elegeant room but the desserts are amazing and standing in front of the dessert case and choosing your cake seems exciting to me...

            1. Something a little different from all these replies so far...

              How about Scoop! frozen yogurts on W. 4th? They serve frozen yogurt with a self-serve bar. Up to 30 toppings and you/your niece gets to scoop them onto your fro-yo yourself.

              To my knowledge, that's the only place in Vancouver that's like that and I think it'd be quite memorable for a 14 year old.

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              1. re: mh0408

                ...and of course an adult's perspective as to what is cool and memorable is often doomed to fail so you're probably right that a frozen yogurt bar would be just what she would want as is a place like Sweet Obsessions.

                It still would be really nice though to find something outside her zone of experience and more adult.
                I have to be honest as well in that I want a setting that I'll enjoy as much in my own way (along with her mother) so a Chambar might just work...

              2. Nice idea. How about the big hotels? The Yew in the Four Seasons is pretty nice and I always thought fancy hotels defined elegance when I was that age. Maybe you can get dessert out at the end of the Pan Pacific? Mind you, I've never actually had dessert at any of these places, maybe others can chime in? Someone mentioned Market...

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                1. re: waver

                  We had some pretty awesome pudding at DB Bistro last night -- the lemon tarte was gorgeous and delicious and the apple confit outstanding as were the (housemade?) accompanying sorbet/ice cream. And there was a table next to us with a young lady celebrating her birthday with some adults who was having a grand time. I'd say she was in the ball park of your niece, perhaps a mite younger. She was thrilled to bits with the complementary "cone" of warm madeleines served to her with candle and happy birthday written on the plate in chocolate (don't worry, the latter was only decorative!).

                  It was not at all busy on Sunday and I'm sure they would accommodate you for dessert only on a non-weekend night, but it seems to me this is the sort of place you are looking for also as a bit more adult without being "white tableclothy" and overly pretentious.

                  1. re: grayelf

                    Good one greyelf. As this thing evolves I'm starting to think that it should perhaps be a dinner and not just dessert, it opens up the possibilities (along with the budget but what the heck).
                    Still, in order to keep this thread on the straight and narrow I'll keep the goal as a great and splendid dessert that will top off a swish dinner.